Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hello Short Hair (Again!) & Misc.

 Before we get to the massive hair cut of 2015, there are a few other photos. 

First up, Ranger. Of course, the dog child is always first. We took him on a walk a week or two ago (he hadn't been on one in a while), and he did so good! He watched Nick and "heeled" with him the whole time. He did pretty well trying to contain his giddiness and with all of the distractions we encountered (kids, people on bikes  people walking close to us). He didn't bark once! Woohoo! Here, he wanted to jump around and have fun, and he started to break the rules a little. 

Here, he put his game face on and was ready to go.    ;)
 (do you love his "farmer's tan" too? Haha, he's never in the sun, so that's just from wearing his sweater so much this winter!).

 We had my aunts and uncle in town recently too and loved spending time with them! I always love the gardens and was thankful for beautiful weather that day to explore the gardens & enjoy lunch on a lovely patio with them. 

Flowers from my sweet hubby last week! I talked about these on Instagram too. I'm so blessed by Nick! 

On with the haircut of 2015. Here's a complication of images from Pinterest I added to a word doc and printed to take with me to the hair salon. I never know what my hair is capable of, so I wanted to take a variety to help show her what I was going for. I knew I was cutting off enough to donate, and wanted it to look nice after it was cut too. 

Here's my before. My hair had gotten so long after not making efforts to get it cut very often. I liked it long, but once I thought about donating it, I got excited and was just ready to go for it. I started to pray for the person my hair may bless and hope I can think of them whoever I miss it. For me, it's just hair that can grow back, where it may be something so much more to someone who needs it. 

I love it! I think the gal did a great job and it's such a fun cut. It's definitely short in the back:) the nice thing is, since it's still longer in the front, I can get it into a ponytail and have lots of cute options of wearing it half up, pinning the front back, straight, wavy, etc. 

My pony tail! It's about 10 inches or so, ready to ship to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. If you're considering donating your hair, check them out. I had read some not so great things about other hair donation companies, and am hoping Pantene will put this hair to good use.  

This is the salon I went to, from a friend's suggestion. Is this not the cutest salon ever?! 

A little look at the inside of the house from the waiting room. So cute. 

Test #1 of the new hair was trying to style it Monday. I was so proud of myself! I dried it using a round brush, and straightened it. I usually just wear my hair wet with a little product and go, so this was a lot of work for me. I did it with the wet look yesterday, and that worked pretty well too. So far so good, friends :) Thanks for all of your love and compliments about this cut - you are all the sweetest! 

For those of you who have been reading this blog forEVER, you may remember my first "hello short hair" post just 9 months into our marriage. Let me refresh you and point you to this post. :) I must say, I like this hair cut much better. 

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