Sunday, April 26, 2015

Enjoying Spring

Wow! I can't believe it's been a month since I posted last. Things have just been busy lately! We took a road trip and visited Nick's parents for Easter, celebrated his birthday last weekend, and have enjoyed the beautiful weather (minus some storms) the past few weeks. 

We've been enjoying homemade pizzas - one of my favorites! (Of course mine don't have cheese). I use a Bob's Red Mill gluten & dairy free crust (sometimes we'll just buy pre-made regular crust for Nick if we're not sharing mine) and it's delicious! 

 Had a fun night out with my mom a few weeks ago too - thrifting at Plato's closet followed by a movie and dinner at the Movie Tavern. We saw Cinderella and I loved it! Such a sweet movie, and had so much fun with my mom! 

The drive to visit Nick's parents is a fun one. The terrain gets pretty and is a bit desert-like in some areas with neat rock formations too. 

It's always an adventure with Ranger;) He usually wants to lay with his body on me, but with his chin resting on Nick's arm while drives. He also makes it a challenge for me to sleep in the car these days (it's a good thing he's cute;)). 

I always love the trees on this part of the drive for some reason! 

Tons of these wind turbines to. Some are close to the road and it always amazes me how HUGE they really are up close. 

 Charlie took us to a neat coffee shop in town that I loved. I'm excited to go back next time we're in town!

 We also managed to get a family Easter photo after church. 

Love my guy. He's so thoughtful and good to me all the time. I still get so tired during the week, that I usually need to catch up on the weekends, and I love how he knows when I should go back home while we're out and about so I can get rest.  He's wonderful in so many ways! 

I enjoyed a dinner with some of my Young Living team too - I always get encouraged when we get together! 

Date night at Bahama Bucks - it was our first experience there, and we really enjoyed it. We had a bit of a sugar overload, but it was so delicious, we'll be back. I had "cherry colada" with a cream that happened to be dairy free which made my day. Nick had the Ranger's special with was cinnamon and bubblegum and was really good too!

I got my first stitch fix shipment, and initially I wondered why they added a scarf and necklace when I needed clothes, lol - but none of the clothes worked, so I was thankful to have a nice scarf in the end!

My birthday boy's birthday lunch dessert. I love dates with him! 

I really like this one of us at his birthday lunch. A while into our lunch, it seemed like he was staring off telling me random sports facts (someone went out with an injury, etc.) and I thought it was odd. Then I realized there was a TV above my head where we were sitting at the corner booth - ha! I hadn't noticed when we sat down I guess. 

Reading birthday cards. 

I also found this envelope in my card stash from Amber's baby shower invites for Hank over two years ago. I loved finding it:) 

Yesterday, we enjoyed the day with my parents. We ate lunch together, then I met a friend for coffee a little later and enjoyed grilling out and getting their chiminea going. It was a great day!

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