Thursday, February 27, 2020

Young Living FAVES Lately

Happy Thursday, friends!

I wanted to hop in here and tell you about some of my favorite Young Living products lately. It's no secret I love and use their products in pretty much every area of our life - laundry, hair, oils, sleep, hormones, muscles, supplements, what am I missing? Ha. - And know many of you are interested in non-toxic products too, so I wanted to share a few I'm especially enjoying lately. 

This essential oil infused acne spot cream is new to me - I just got it for the first time last month, and I've been LOVING it to apply to certain ornery spots that need to be zapped. I notice they typically will begin drying out once I apply it which is perfect. I try to apply a couple times a day on especially tricky spots. I also will use it along the pores on the sides of my nose and on my chin to reduce the appearance of blackheads and such. So glad I decided to try it! 

I've been focusing on supporting my hormones lately and these have been favorites! Pro + is such a gem in this area of regulating hormones, and the others are in Dragon Time (which I'm currently out of!), so I've been using them a few days before my period begins to help ease the cramping. The entire Dragon Time line is amazing for us ladies and our cycles! 

Believe has been a favorite blend of mine for quite some time. I used it a lot during my pregnancy with Ainsley, actually! I have memories of midwives walking into my appointment room, asking when I was wearing because it smelled so good. Many days, it was believe! Or believe + patchouli, a combo I love. Anyway, the blend of oils can help encourage feelings of strength and faith which is super timely for this season for me (after being laid off last month). As an enneagram 6, it's a great blend for most seasons for me really! I LOVE it. And it smells amazing. 

It has: Balsam, Coriander, Bergamot, Frankincense, Idaho Blue spruce, Ylang ylang, and Geranium. See? Heavenly, I'm telling you. 

NingXia Red is a MUST for us. Nick has used it regularly all winter and has made it through so many rounds of all of his co-workers being sick, except for him. This immune boosting powerhouse is a must-order every other month for us! Ainsley is a huge fan too since it is so yummy! We just take 1/2 shot glass (about 1oz) a day since it is so power-packed. A little goes a long way. 

A note about wellness too - I didn't start by diving into EVERYthing at once. You just have to start somewhere. It's also been YEARS of trying and learning and experimenting. We would replace one item at a time in out house on our journey to use clean products. It doesn't have to be overwhelming, I promise. Just start somewhere, one step at a time! 

If you've been using these products for a while, I would love to hear your favorites lately! Even after 5.5 years of receiving MONTHLY shipments of these goodies, there are still so many more things I have yet to try. So I would love to hear your suggestions! 

I hope y'all have a wonderful day! 

Be well, my friends! 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

My Baby is TWO!

Time truly flies once you have kids, y'all. I mean, it went fast before too. But it's true that each day and each season can feel long, but the years go by so fast! And they grow and change and learn so fast too. It gives me all the feels to think of how our lives have changed since the presence of this baby girl. 

PS - if you love a good birth story, here is Ainsley's!

It's the hardest thing but also the best thing. 

Our new marriage journal walks through joys of the week and hard things of the week - and sometimes, babies and toddlers can squeeze into both categories! HA! Teaching someone how to be a good human is HARD Y'ALL. But also so sweet. Gah, what a crazy ride!

Clearly, Ainsley HATED her birthday cupcake. She is so funny! 

Haven't we all felt this way about a good cupcake? 

Get it, girrrrl! 

She was sick leading up to her birthday, but the day of her party, she magically was in great spirits and had the best day. (Her sickness came back two days later - oyyy so I was thankful her celebration day was a respite from it!). 

She was losing patience for pictures ;) but liked her minnie mouse theme. She loved minnie! 

Such a big girl having fun opening presents this year! Last year was such a different story - haha! 

The morning of her birthday party, she was also dedicated at church. 

She loved being in the sanctuary for singing worship songs (she's usually in the toddler room for that!). 

It was really special to have friends & family surround us there and afar as we raise this girl. 

The name Ainsley means meadow, which has always been a special meaning for me and was part of how we chose her name. 

The pastor used Psalm 23: 2-3 as he prayed over her:

"He lets me rest in the meadow grass and leads me beside quiet streams. He gives me new strength. He helps me do what honors him the most." 

That verse has aways been dear to me too (especially in season of life I'm especially overwhelmed!), so it was really powerful to see that's the verse he used in her dedication. 

SUCH a fun day celebrating that sweet girl. 

Now for a few faves lately so I can remember as she gets older:)
- She will reach out her hand, saying "hold hands, mommy!" when she wants to show me something or needs help. It's my favorite. 
-When she's sad and tantrumming (#toddlerlife, right?! My computer says that's not a word but I DISAGREE, lol), she will yell, " HOLD YOUUUUU", for me to pick her up and hold her. Melts my heart every time. 
- She has gone pee and poop on the potty quite a few times now! Not consistently yet, but making progress for sure. 
- We pray at every meal and she loves that routine. Sometimes randomly during the day, she'll clasp her hands together, look up at me and say, "Pray." which is a sweet reminder. 
- She says "yellow" for "another". For the longest time, I thought she was wanting a YELLOW pouch at the end of her meals which was really confusing since we don't have one. I recently realized that's how she is pronouncing ANOTHER. So funny and cute. 
-She's all about doing things on her own. "I do it!" - throwing things in the trash, trying to get on her shoes, shorts, etc. 
- I was making our lunches yesterday and she was in her room in her new princess tent. She stormed into the kitchen and yelled, "MOMMY, GET IN HERE!" - her way of inviting me into her tent. 
- When Nick brings her home from daycare, I can hear her walk into the house and say, "I go find mommy". And it's the sweetest that she's at an age to be excited to come see me after her day!

What a fun yet crazy age, y'all. 

Fall-- Texas is ready for you! 

Monday, August 19, 2019

What's New?!

Y'all. This poor blog has been so lonely lately! Oops! I think Instagram has taken over many of our blogs. But let's catch up!

1. My baby is going to be TWO years old next month. 

How is this even possible?! And how precious is that picture of her in PIGTAILS?! :)  When they say babies don't keep, they are right. The days can be LONG for sure, but the years go by so fast. Ainsley is the sweetest ham, and is SO funny lately too. She has us cracking up SO much. 

2. I started weight watchers last week. 

This might relate to the first item. Haha! I definitely gained weight with Ainsley that I never lost and figure it's a good time to get after it and get mama healthier. I love a good challenge, so wish me luck! And send me your favorite healthy recipes, please! :) I'm trying to move more as well, and overall take better care of myself after focusing more on Ainsley girl these last couple of years. 

3. I'm ready for cooler weather. 

How about you? I love when the seasons change into fall and things slow down a bit. And I also enjoy college football so it's a fun time of year for us. Plus, Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year, and that follows fall nicely. 

That's all I can think of for now, but we're still over here y'all! Catch us on Instagram for sure - I share lots of fun in my stories over there too, and Ainsley is sure to make an appearance. :) 

XoXo, friends!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

The Hardest (but sweetest) Year of my Life

Hey y'all! I wrote this post back in October (after Ainsley had just turned one!) and finally dusted off this blog to post it in case it resonates with one of you. I can see how far I've come even since writing this. IT GETS BETTER, my friends! {Shoutout to my friends who have told me this a MILLION times and I appreciate it every time!} HUGS from one mama to another! 

 - - - 

It’s been foreverrrrrr since I’ve written on this blog. Do people even read blogs anymore?! Haha. Well I know at least my dad will (hi dad!). Either way, it’s a good way for me to process my thoughts- so here we go. This last year has been the hardest year of my life. By far! I’ve always known I wanted to be a mom. But I truly didn’t know how HARD it would be. I’ve had a LOT of anxiety this last year too, by far more than I ever had prior to being a mom. Maybe it’s hormones?! Or maybe just being responsible for a whole tiny little life that consumes my mind. 

Precious tiny newborn and TIRED mama eyes. 

Those first few months of interrupted sleep were ROUGH. This mama doesn’t handle not sleeping well. I also thought things would be so much easier in the next phase she would get to. And it some ways, it was, but in other ways it wasn’t. It seems each phase has its good parts and hard parts, so I need to stop waiting for the next phase to enjoy it. I need to remind myself to enjoy the present, because time is moving forward and we’ll never be in this moment again. 

Those first few months were so hard but I look back, and wish I somehow could’ve paused to enjoy it a little more. I loved my girl, but I didn’t love that phase. Part of it was probably due to healing from a horrible 4th degree tear. I couldn't sit for 3 months - it was awful! (Here is her birth story if you missed it!). I even asked my BFF's (all moms of 2+ kids) somewhere in that first week of being home if people really LIKE being a mom. Because it sure wasn't very fun in those moments! Haha. I was in rough shape y'all. Painful clogged ducts as my milk came in, NOT sleeping much at all, no appetite (hello crazy high anxiety which caused me to not even care about food), and the worst "injury" of my life where I had to take hydrocodone for over a week. Which if you know me, you know I usually avoid meds at all costs. That pain was awful. Sitting on the toilet & getting out of bed were serious endeavors. Not exactly the "beautiful" or picture-perfect entrance into motherhood I was anticipating! 

I’ve learned as the months go by, that I can’t wish away every phase. This is it! This is my baby being a baby and it only happens once. As hard as it is, I want to be present and soak it up because it is flying by faster than I ever thought time went.

More tired mama eyes with newborn Ainsley

I think as a first time mom, it feels like each phase is going to last FOREVER but then I blink and we’re onto the next one. So then I get sad about my baby growing up so fast but I feel like I hardly paused to enjoy it before it vanished. Ugh. Oh, being a mama. Then we just started daycare and that’s been a whole other thing. A different schedule, new people, different rules, etc. the days I’m home with her can be hard (she’s a busy girl these days), but I miss her when she’s at daycare. It makes me feel like a crazy lady. Which maybe I just am now?! Haha. 

I feel like I google something different every day. New questions/concerns/things filling my busy brain. I love my girl with a deep love that hurts, don’t get me wrong. It’s been the most FULL year of my life. Full of love, experiences, snuggles, but also tons of overwhelming info to figure out how to raise a human. Next up is figuring out how to raise a GOOD human, hopefully. Haha. All this to say, if you’re an overwhelmed mama surviving each day, you’re not alone! 

Surviving each day, but trying to enjoy it and soak up the snuggles while we can. Hugs to all of you mamas out there. This is NOT an easy gig! Cheers to more date nights, solo shopping outings and lots of coffee. I will say, since she turned one and we finished nursing (and pumping - let the angels sing that WE'RE DONE PUMPING!), I've gotten to feel more like ME again, and the anxiety is definitely not as bad as it was her first year (she's almost 16 months now). 

Do things to help you feel like YOU again, mamas. It's not easy but you will enjoy it so much. And the better you feel, the better mama and wife you will be too. So take a little time AWAY for you. Talking to myself here too! Haha. It's good for us. Sending hugs and love to all you mamas!!

Xoxo! You got this, mama! 
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