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Thanks for checking out this page, friends! This is one of my favorite topics to talk about. We've been using essential oils for over 5 years, and they STILL continue to bless us in new ways. Who needs to use essential oils? Truly, everyone. Read on :)

My oils journey: I started researching essential oils in March 2014 and after two months of researching which would be the oils, brands, etc., I landed on Young Living and bought my starter kit in May. I had been dealing with fibromyalgia for years, treating it with prescriptions but getting so many side effects. I started learning about foods we eat and products we use impacting our bodies, and knew I wanted to try some natural options to manage it. Praise God, I got off my prescriptions later that year and now, I use healthy lifestyle choices to help manage my body and essential oils to help my body operate optimally. 

Once I was pregnant and had our daughter, Ainsley, I learned ways to support my body through pregnancy and postpartum, and how I use them on our daughter too. 

Here's Ainsley applying some of her bedtime oils. She uses her immune boosting oil blend every night - we don't need germs over here! 

The oils blessed us so much, that I had to tell my friends and family about them which created the best accidental business. We're so grateful God can use our story to bless others. There is always hope, friends! No matter the circumstances. We now have used oils to help walk through seasons of grief, boost our immune systems, get a good night's sleep, help boo-boo's (we have a toddler in the house! Lol.), digestive support, of course my muscles and tensions,.. what don't we use them for? Haha! A saying around here is, "There's an oil for that!", because most of the time, there is.  Let me know if you have any questions I can help with! I truly love to help.

The BEST way to start using essential oils is to get the premium starter kit. It has 12 of our favorite every day oils, an AWESOME diffuser and fun samples and educational tips! Check it out:

*Purchasing your Premium Starter Kit*

If you'd like to purchase a starter kit please follow these simple instructions:

Go to:  My Member Sign-up Page (using this link ensures you get placed onto my team so I can help you on your oily journey!)
Please make sure Wholesale Member is selected (and not retail customer---you will not get wholesale prices as a customer)
Select your kit (the $165 premium starter kit is the best value. And the Desert Mist Diffuser is my fave! It has a beautiful candle light flicker setting and runs up to 10 hours! You can choose whichever diffuser you'd like though!) 
➕Join Essential Rewards if you want to get monthly wellness boxes - you choose your products. They're my favorite and you can cancel anytime!
Fill out your info
At this point you can add more to your order if you'd like
All finished!

Once you order your kit, YL will let me know and I'll send you a welcome email and help answer all of your questions as you get to know your oils! We also have a team of 40 thousand (and growing!) to help you learn how to use your oils too. 

 After you purchase your starter kit, you will be invited into our private team Facebook group where we can ask questions, share oil tips, and success stories. We have a separate group where business tips are shared if you become interested in sharing your love of oils with your friends & family!

Love from our family to yours!

 {Of course, I'm not a doctor, and these tips are not meant to treat, diagnose or cure anything.  I'm just happily sharing what has been working for our family as well as in others, in hopes that it will help with yours.  I also only recommend using Young Living oils, as they are the only company that controls their seed to seal process, keeping their oils chemical free.}

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