Saturday, March 14, 2015

Catching Up

Hey y'all! Sorry about my month-long absence! I found out our blog-hop is no longer, and then things got busy. Whew! So today, here's a quick glance of some recent happenings. 

Since I last posted, we also had Valentine's day. I love date nights with Nick, so any occasion for a date is fine by me! We went to PF Chang's and the food was SO good. I'm so glad we went there! Since I stopped eating dairy 3 (three! Isn't that crazy?!) years ago, and gluten 2 and a half years ago, I've had so many salads. Sometimes that's fine, and sometimes I just want some delicious food I don't have to make:) and PF Chang's has a great gluten free menu! The main thing I'm aware of with Chinese food, is that they need to use a GF soy sauce. They do on the GF menu and I'm so thankful. That's why I love Pei Wei so much too (owned by PF Chang's I believe) since they have great choices too.

I'm always thankful for extra time with my man! Life can get so busy and it feels like we hardly have a chance to ask how each other's day was some days. And we don't even have kids yet. Haha! I'm always thankful for extra time set aside. Quality time is my top love language!

This is from when Ranger was sick in the past few weeks. He wanted to snuggle right up to my neck, like he usually does when he doesn't feel well. He has had on and off symptoms of not feeling well. Breaks my heart when he's sick! We're exploring options to see if we can help him not get sick like this so often. 

We had two weeks back to back with snow and ice, where I was snowed in for at least a day. I so appreciated the extra down time! 

This was one of my snow days:)

Ranger doesn't love getting his nails trimmed. This was once we were done - he avoided eye contact with me, haha! Nick has to help hold him still while I clip. Ranger even screams when I get close to his nail with the clippers. He's so funny! 

A sweet friend gifted me with this beauty as a "happy Monday" with a sweet note. This was the flower one week later! I've been so thankful for the joy it brings on my desk every day. 

My assistant and I;) before an online oils party I taught Thursday night. He was mid-yawn. He yawns when he's nervous and this photo op must have been one of those times! He laid by me for the whole event (and slept on the job!). 

Also-- Go ISU! Love my Cyclones. 

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