About Us

Here we are! Marissa, Nick and Ainsley. You hear from Marissa these days, but the funny thing is - Nick started this blog years ago! It was to keep in touch with family while we were engaged and wedding planning. I've kept it up over the years, as best as I can, with all kinds of life updates moving across the country (Iowa to Minnesota, to Texas, back to Minnesota then back to Texas! Whew!). I also blogged through my gluten free journey and fibromyalgia diagnosis. 

In March 2011, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. My symptoms had been accumulating and getting worse, so the diagnosis was no surprise. It was a tough reality I blogged about in posts like this one. My symptoms weren't fun for any young married couple. After years of trying medication after medication, I decided to be able to have a baby someday, I needed to get off the meds. I used essential oils and diet + lifestyle changes (no gluten, eating cleaner foods) to help support my body as I got off medications and have been med-free for over 7 years now, praise God. 

I always hope to encourage others through my journey and share out stories to create community and connect. Thank you for being here! 

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