About Us

We are Nick and Marissa, although you'll hear from Marissa on the blog (Nick wrote too in the early days of our blog). We met in 2005 at college (go Iowa State!) through mutual friends and started dating in January 2006. After we graduated, Nick moved to Fort Worth, TX for his job, and we spent just short of a year apart as I was in Iowa. We talked daily, had Skype dates, and visited each other as often as we could. 

Here we are back in our early dating days.
During one of his trips back to Iowa to visit, in February 2009, Nick proposed next to the building we met at (my college dorm).  

We were married in August of 2009 and have lived in a different state each year since then. We started in Minnesota together, moved to Texas again for Nick's work, back to Minnesota, and finally Texas again the summer of 2013. Whew! We started blogging initially to stay connected with friends and family with our ventures across the country.

I am so blessed by this man. He helps me through my hard days and celebrates on good ones. I love living life by his side. 

Here's our growing family - with our puppy Ranger (October, 2013)
In March 2011, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. My symptoms had been accumulating and getting worse, so the diagnosis was no surprise. It was a tough reality I blogged about in posts like this one. My symptoms aren't fun for any young married couple. I'm so grateful for Nick's love and support, and understanding to help me keep the slower pace I need to keep my symptoms in check. Because of symptoms I have, I've changed my diet (no gluten) and try to share things I learn in case it helps others in their journey.

I enjoy writing posts about what we're up to, sharing recipes I enjoy (on the recipes tab), writing about favorite "clean" beauty products, and my journey with Fibromyalgia. Most posts include photos, incorporating another hobby of mine - photo taking and editing. Check out the Fibromyalgia page to see the Fibromyalgia journey post by post as I've learned (and continue to learn) what works and doesn't work to balance my symptoms. Through sharing my journey, I hope to encourage others. Thanks for visiting, I hope you can feel at home here and enjoy the journey. 

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