Saturday, August 16, 2014

Our 5th Anniversary Cabin Getaway

Last Friday (8/8) was our 5th wedding anniversary and also my adoption day! Nick invited my parents over for dinner and we ended up watching our wedding video. It was so much fun! I've wanted to watch our wedding video SO many times but never got around to it, so that was a our FIRST time seeing it and it was so much fun re-living that day, and watching it with my parents was so much fun. What a great day it was! 

Nick had been working on plans throughout the week, so I thought he was up to something, but I had no clues as to what it would be. He guided me on what to pack "just incase" we'd need to stay the night somewhere ;). He also had us order a few take out meals so we'd have the quick meals (dairy/gluten free for me) to take with us. He planned every detail - it was so thoughtful!

I had no idea what the dress code would be where we were headed, but I wanted to wear the earrings I wore on our wedding day - so I did :) YOLO, right?!

We drove about a half hour before getting to our destination.. 

We arrived at Sand Hill Ranch and stayed at a cabin there. It was so quiet, quaint and relaxing. 

Our cabin had many modern conveniences and looked pretty new!

They even had satellite TV, and another bedroom and bathroom upstairs. 

Our best attempt at a family photo:)

Ranger loved it and was very curious to explore every inch. 

My guys and our adorable cabin. 

A little storm came through when we got there and another one was rolling through just north of us when we started to explore the ranch.

This may not be exciting for you country folk, but we would walk across these bars to go see the horses. They'd leave the gates open and the horses I guess can't cross over these, so they can't get out. Ranger did pretty good with them!

The horses came right up to us when we got there. They were so sweet and welcoming. The owners say when you're here, "our ranch is your ranch", so we did a lot of exploring that night. It was so neat!

The horses and Ranger weren't sure what to think of each other.

I let Nick deal with the horses first before I warmed up to them. My experiences with horses usually involved instructors/camps, so being out there on our own, I was slightly guarded! They were really nice though. 

They loved Nick. 

They had little bulls too - I imagine this is where little cowboys and girls practice their skills!

Time on the ranch was so good to us. The Lord blesses me every day with this man!

I like this curiosity from both parties :) 

Ranger's feet got very dirty for the first time, ha! They were caked with mud, burs, etc. so he got a bath complete with bur-pulling (not fun) when we got back. He's not so used to the country!

It was pretty to be out there as the sun was setting. 

Sunset on the ranch. The sky looks SO big out there!

We got up to see the sunrise the next morning too. It was nice to be still and enjoy the sounds of the wildlife & birds at the ranch. 

Ranger was so worn out when we got home! We had such a great time. We both said we could enjoy a few nights there - it was lovely!

Nick, thanks for making time and finances available for us to enjoy this getaway. It was so refreshing and enjoyable to get away together and enjoy the quietness of cabin life! I love you so very much and am so thankful for 5 years of marriage with you - I can't wait to enjoy a lifetime more!

For fun, you can look back at our second year anniversary stay at the Gaylord Texan, or our fourth year at a bed and breakfast in Granbury, TX. The other anniversaries, we enjoyed dinner dates together :)

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