Saturday, August 24, 2013

Our Bed & Breakfast Getaway {4 Year Anniversary}

I knew Nick had something up his sleeve for our 4th anniversary, I just had no clues as to what it would be. He planned this a few weeks in advance and even sought out input from someone who was familiar with where he wanted to take me. He made all the plans and even tried to throw me off, by asking questions like "Have you ever been zip lining, and do you have an underlying heart condition?" Ha! I answered him, skeptical at this point about what this plan was. On our way there, he asked "Have you ever been bunji jumping?" Oh boy.. what was I in for?! :)

The day before we left (two weeks ago now), he told me we'd be leaving at 12pm Saturday, and would be back around the same time on Sunday. He said we'd been in the car for a little while, and approved the things I packed (I asked him to, to be sure I dressed for the right occasion). We drove west and south. Any potential ideas were out of my mind at that point, because I'd never been south of Fort Worth on this particular highway and had no idea what would be there.

After driving for about an hour, we arrived at this adorable little town square. 

This courthouse in the middle of the square is so pretty! 

We drove by the town square to check in to our Bed & Breakfast

It's such a quaint little place! The couple who owns this business has 4 cottages on this land (a few blocks from the square) and also two suites on the town square.

Nick checked in while I stayed in the car and he brought this back - I was so excited to see our place! I had never even told him I've always wanted to stay in a Bed & Breakfast. Plus, we were set away from the action, in Granbury, TX. 

Our suite was the three windows over Jezebelle's, you can see our little tan door to get up there just to the left of the shop.

They did such a beautiful job with these suites

The view outside of our window! SO cute. I've always loved small town squares. There's also so many boutiques there! Oh my heart was jumping with joy. And I was so excited Nick thought of this all! 

This is the second bedroom/sitting room. So cute and classy.

After we got settled, I rested for a bit, and we were off to check out the square. So much to see! 

They had a Elvis show playing at this theatre - we thought about getting tickets, but chose to spend money on other things, but this entry way is so neat! 

They also have a beach to a lake a few blocks from the square, this cute victorian was on the way. So picturesque for a nice small town.

We realized we wrote the same things on the outside of our 4 year anniversary cards. Cue "aww..." :) 

We went out to dinner for a date night. Oh how I love date nights!

Dinner was so good - we checked the menu before going so I could eat something good. I got a gluten free margherita pizza without cheese - it was delish! 

Sunday morning, we went back to the cottages for breakfast (which they also made gluten and dairy free for me). The koi in this pond were huge. 

The court house again, closer up this time. Such a pretty building. 

One of the other shops we really liked was Dog Tired - that was the weekend we agreed to keep Ranger, we had fun browsing all of the cute dog stuff there. 

Here's the necklace I got (with matching earrings!) at one of the cute boutiques. 

We had such a great getaway and it was so refreshing to enjoy some quality time together and not have an agenda. Thanks to my hubby for planning this great getaway for us! I appreciate that he could see this would be worth it for us. And it was. Happy four years, and many many more, my love! 
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Congrats to both of you!! Great post and photos!!! :o)

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