Sunday, August 17, 2014

Easy Iced Latte at Home

 I've been loving making iced lattes at home this summer. So easy, delicious and refreshing! I've gone periods of time without coffee - I think close to 2 months or so this spring to see if it would help my fatigue. I didn't notice a big difference there, but my fatigue could be due to other reasons. Whenever I've treated myself to coffee this summer, I did it this way.

I brew my coffee ahead of time (in my Keurig which we love!) to let it cool mostly on the counter. I add a little almond milk (or regular milk - whatever you use), a little vanilla extract - I've also used almond extract, or a drop of peppermint essential oil (yum!). I shake that around with ice. 

 Then add coffee and enjoy! It's a super easy recipe but it's delicious every time. 

It even gets a little frothy which is fun!

 Today's Pinspiration:
I've loved my coffee since I was little (I still blame it for stunting my growth ;)). Even if I don't need the caffeine, I love the taste! I've heard about the Dandy blend which I may have to try sometime too. 'Cause I love the taste of coffee, but some believe coffee (since it comes from a seed) isn't tolerated well by those with auto-immune conditions - this was an interesting article I read this week. Those with gluten sensitivities are also told to be cautious with coffee in the article. Food for thought. For now, I'm enjoying a little coffee here and there, in moderation. 
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