Monday, August 19, 2019

What's New?!

Y'all. This poor blog has been so lonely lately! Oops! I think Instagram has taken over many of our blogs. But let's catch up!

1. My baby is going to be TWO years old next month. 

How is this even possible?! And how precious is that picture of her in PIGTAILS?! :)  When they say babies don't keep, they are right. The days can be LONG for sure, but the years go by so fast. Ainsley is the sweetest ham, and is SO funny lately too. She has us cracking up SO much. 

2. I started weight watchers last week. 

This might relate to the first item. Haha! I definitely gained weight with Ainsley that I never lost and figure it's a good time to get after it and get mama healthier. I love a good challenge, so wish me luck! And send me your favorite healthy recipes, please! :) I'm trying to move more as well, and overall take better care of myself after focusing more on Ainsley girl these last couple of years. 

3. I'm ready for cooler weather. 

How about you? I love when the seasons change into fall and things slow down a bit. And I also enjoy college football so it's a fun time of year for us. Plus, Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year, and that follows fall nicely. 

That's all I can think of for now, but we're still over here y'all! Catch us on Instagram for sure - I share lots of fun in my stories over there too, and Ainsley is sure to make an appearance. :) 

XoXo, friends!

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