Sunday, December 6, 2015

Fall {Fun}!

I can't believe I haven't blogged in almost two months! So weird. Unfortunately, my computer is no longer syncing with my phone since I ran out of space pretty much, so the photos on my computer are from September! I need to figure that out. Since I add photos in my blog posts, I just haven't blogged in a while. I thought I'd pop over here to update the ol' blog with some photos of our past couple months. ((I add a lot of these on Instagram too, so when I'm not posting on the blog as much, check over there for our happenings.))

In October, I cut my hair shorter and added bangs for the first time in many years! It's fun to change it up.

My dad came over for dinner one night in October. Nick cooked steaks for us, and I did mashed potatoes. And I think we did garlic green beans. It was SO good. I'm blessed to have my parents live near enough to come for dinner:)

We took Rangey to the vet for his ongoing digestive issues. (like churning sounds in his stomach, acting mopey, leading up to blood in his stool. on an ongoing basis that had gotten up to weekly or so. yah..). Turns out my sweet puppy boy has IBS like me. Hah! We changed his food to a prescription higher fiber food and the vet gave us steroid pills to use when he has these episodes. Thankfully, since we went in October, he's only had one episode! Hopefully we're on the right track and can keep him healthy. 

Fall colors & leaves are so fun. And we don't get quite as vibrant fall colors here in Texas as we were used to in the midwest, so I had to capture these pretty colors a few weeks back. 

We visited Nick's parents for Thanksgiving, and made a quick trip over to Des Moines to see a few family members quick. Being at the capital is always fun since we took our engagement photos there over 6 years ago. I love that the capitol will always have those memories for us. 

Visiting my step dad Joe is always great. Some of you may remember his accident back in 2013 that was very scary for all of us. It's been a long road to recovery with all of the internal healing his body needed, and I love seeing his personality come back strong and be himself again! 

Nick's dad Charlie joined us for our quick Des Moines road trip. It was very quick (like in DSM for 3 hours, lol), but so worth it. I got to see my Grammy at the hospital recovering from colon cancer surgery and my Uncle Tim who is battling the same kind of brain cancer my birth mom had during our quick trip too. I hadn't been able to see him the past few years, so it was important to visit him and hug him and let him know we're praying for him. 

Trees were covered in ice throughout Iowa & Nebraska (where we were anyway;)) which made for a pretty drive. I always enjoy being back in my home state. 

We got to see Julie (my birth mom)'s family in Nebraska too! It was the day of the big Iowa & Nebraska game, and was so good to see them. They are so funny and I love learning more about them and hearing their stories. Knowing blood relatives is just such a neat thing - hard to describe really, but I am so thankful to know them! I'll always wish I had more time with Julie, but I appreciate the time I get with her family. 

Little big sister-- I'm the oldest of Julie's kids, but the shortest. Michael is the youngest, yet the tallest! :)

I made some cowls the past few months too - I love making pretty things! And accessories. I started knitting in college, but crocheting goes so much faster! Thanks to my cousin and aunt for teaching me their ways. 

I re-decorated our bedroom and am loving it so much more already. My friend Rachel is seriously gifted at helping spaces look beautiful and in March (yes forever ago!), she gave me awesome ideas for our room and I just had not gotten around to doing it. She suggested these "hey handsome" and "hello beautiful" prints from etsy for our sides of the bed and I love them so much! 

Shopping for my dress for Nick's company Christmas party. I counted at least 23 dresses I tried on at 3 different stores, and love the dress I landed on! (I got the bottom left one). Now, to accessorize it. :)! 

Coffee and puppy snuggles. A few of my favorite things:)

I enjoyed a lovely weekend retreat in Tulsa, OK in November with my essential oils team. We got all dressed up for 50's style photos, ate wonderful food, enjoyed conversation, did some yoga, a learning session, and it was so much fun! I love girl time, and am so thankful to know those friends. 

Today's Pinspiration:
As Christmas gets closer, I just want to sit next to the Christmas tree with hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies every night. A girl can dream, right?! ;) Sending cozy Christmas vibes to each of you! 


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