Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Party Fun

We got to enjoy a fun and fancy Christmas party Friday night, and even arranged for a dog sitter (thanks, mom & dad! ;*) to stay the night in the fancy hotel downtown. We usually try to enjoy a special date night each December as our Christmas gift to each other - this was an extra fancy one! 

I got my hair to have volume (thanks to lots of teasing and the extra hold hair spray mom let me borrow for the occasion! ha!), and had to have Nick capture this moment. (This was even at the end of the night - it held! Win!)

Night time view from our room. What a treat! 

Our "formal" photo with the photographer. :) 

Love this guy of mine! 

Trying to get in as many photos looking so nice before washing off my makeup and brushing out the hair;)

This necklace was one my mom wore to our wedding. :) I can't remember if I gave it to her?! Either way, I had asked my mom for advice to get the look I was going for, so when Nick dropped off Ranger at her place, he brought back some jewelry and her hair spray to use. :) How FUN it is to have my parents nearby! 

Daytime view from our room. 

A room with a view!

 The next day, we got to sleep in (Nick doesn't sleep in as much at home, so I loved him not having an agenda!), and enjoyed lunch together. Yes, this one is blurry, but he had offered to get my coffee for me, and was bringing it back to the table right as I tried to get a pic of the restaurant. I liked this version better!:) I like the decor in this restaurant too. 

 We had the most wonderful "deathstar" sundae with a brownie at the bottom, ice cream, hot espresso over top of the ice cream, and whipped cream. It was dairy free so I could enjoy it too! (Until we got too close to the brownie, which wasn't gluten free - then it was all Nick's!:)). 

We don't get these kinds of date days often, so I was thankful Nick wanted to make the most of it and enjoy our time together! It can be so easy to get caught up in the daily come and go of responsibilities and such, that it's hard to stop and have fun together sometimes. And we don't even have kids yet, ha! It is a good reminder for us though, to make time to have fun together. 

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