Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lake Tahoe Vacation

Here are some photos of our CA trip! I'm sure I'll do another post with more once I get more on my computer. Of course, you know I have 7,327 more photos from this week-long vacation ;) 

We could see the Dallas area flooding from our plane when we left the DFW airport! This is why I lovvvvve window seats. That's the EARTH right there, isn't that cool?! I'm in awe every time we fly.

Lake Tahoe selfie. If you ever get the chance to see Lake Tahoe, do it - it's so beautiful! 

I think I got a vertical panoramic photo.. who knew you could do that?

We managed a family "us-ie" too. We had so much fun with Amber (Nick's sister) and her family. We don't get to see them nearly enough and enjoyed this two night vacation to Tahoe together! 

Hiking the beauty. Amber loves carrying sticks on her walks. ha! Kidding - always in mama mode, she's carrying the stick for when Hank needs to carry one again. 

I took a 360 degree video while we were up on the mountain after our hike too. Beauty every single direction you look! It can be so hard to capture the beauty in photos, so I wanted to get a video up there. Really truly, being in the moment there is the only thing quite like it. 

Serious beauty. 

Uncle-nephew cuteness while skyping with Nick's parents (Hank's gaga & papa!). 

 Sunset on our way home in the plane. 

What a vacation! More to come when I get get more pictures to cooperate with me:)

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