Saturday, January 17, 2015

Looking In: You & Me

This week's blog hop category is "you & me". There are different directions to go with this category - mine went right to my hubby, Nick. This month (January 29th to be exact) marks 9 years of togetherness for us. It was 1-29-06 that Nick asked me to be his girlfriend. It truly doesn't feel like nine years ago! We've been married 5 and a half years now. I always like reminiscing about our journey together. Let's journey through some of our memories in photos over the years.

December 2005. This may be our first photo together, before we were dating:). This was taken at the conference we attended over Christmas, where we got to know each other a lot better. We knew each other through friends since August, but hadn't spent time together other than bowling with a group of friends, etc. 

This was around when we started dating in January 2006. It was sophomore year in college - this was my dorm room. Man, it feels like forever since this memory! 

I think this is when we had been dating for maybe a few months. :)

December 2006 - Christmas with my dad and Nick's family helping families impacted by Hurricane Katrina. What an experience to have together. 

Spring Break, March 2007. We visited Nick's friend David out there and got to see all of the sights! Our first and only time to Hollywood. 

December 2007 - all dressed up for Nick's fraternity formal. 

Summer 2008 - Nick moved to Fort Worth, TX after we graduated college at Iowa State. I had posted this pic on Facebook and said "Fort Worth is a nice city!". So funny - who knew we'd be back to this area together! 

2-21-09. Nick flew from Fort Worth to Des Moines, drove me up to Ames and proposed. He proposed in front of my old dorm, where we officially met in August 2005. 

Engagement pics back at ISU in July 2009.

8-8-09 - we were married! 

Back at ISU for the VEISHEA parade - April 2013

Maybe this was summer 2012? Can't remember. It was a date day I loved! This photo has warm memories since it was the first day in a while I was feeling well - I cherished this day with my man in small town Minnesota! 

October 2013 with our Ranger puppy! 

It's been an adventure. It was truly really fun looking back through photos for this post, reminiscing about where it all started. After these years, we get used to things, so it's easy to forget the feelings and memories of all these photos. Seeing those photos, I get the butterflies back into my stomach and re-live falling in love with Nick again. So cool! 

If you've read my blog for a while, you've seen me write about how helpful Nick is to me. Through my dark fibromyalgia days, he does everything for me. When we met, we didn't know I'd have this pain battle ahead. Sometimes the things I face make me feel like I'm in an 80 year old body, and I never want that to hold Nick back. He's my biggest supporter. Through praying for me daily, helping with most of the chores around here, showing love, encouragement, and talking me through it all. No marriage is perfect - ours certainly isn't. But it was created by God and I'm so grateful for it all. 

I'm so thankful for my husband. I love you, Nick! Thanks for all you do, and all you are. I'm so blessed by you! 

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