Friday, January 9, 2015

Looking in: What do you See?

I'm participating in a blog hop and am excited to share more of my heart with topics everyone in this hop will be sharing about. The themes are open for interpretation, so it will be fun to see what these topics mean in other's lives.

This week is looking in. Lately, if I could look into my mind & soul, it's busy. Busy busy busy. It's trying to do everything at once, achieving far less that I hope for. I feel as though I'm trying to get by in all areas of life, but in the end, feel like I'm failing in each one. Well friends, a new year brings an air of freshness, and no time than the better to change it. 

Here are some things I've been thinking about to help myself get to where I strive to be. 

Be in the moment. No really truly, in the moment. I especially want to improve in conversations. Focus - the only place I am in that moment, is in that conversation. I hope to be more focused and intentional in conversations. Truly listening and hearing what's being said. Absorbing my surroundings and appreciating them, rather than rushing to the next one, or being so distracted by other things, that I miss the current moment. 

Not procrastinate.. . as much. Clearly, this one's hard for me to part with - I have to be honest with myself and admit I'm a procrastinator. I think maybe this stems from my fibro journey, with pain and exhaustion, and putting things off until I feel better. That time doesn't always come in a timely manner.  I would feel less stressed if I can just take care of things quickly and not let thing after thing collect on my mind. If I push too many things off to another day, one day, I'll have 10 things I didn't want to do, rather than getting through 1 a day. Make sense? I hope my brain is reading this closely - I'm speaking to myself here!;)

Clear the mind. How often is your mind clear? Mine's pretty much never clear. And it's stressful! Why don't we do something about that? Think about something that may help clear your mind. Then, do it. It can really be that simple.
I hadn't taken a bath but maybe once in the last year. A few weeks ago, I thought I'd take one to relax. I was able to clear my mind, and it was so refreshing- physically (I had salts & oils, my body loved it), emotionally, spiritually.  If that doesn't sound nice to you - then do something else. For example, today. My phone died as I was getting ready for work, so I made a mental note to grab my charger before heading out the door so I could charge it at work. I forgot. So I had a dead phone, and mourned on my way to work the fact I'd lose track of everything in my phone's electronic world all day. You know what? I survived! Plus, my mind was more clear without that distraction. It actually felt really nice.

Don't overwhelm yourself with things to do though. Just reflect, maybe journal a little, and see what you see. If you don't see what you hope for as you reflect, think of a simple change or two you could tweak. Nothing major or stressful - just a simple step to get you on the right path. Then, let's do it, my dears! One step at a time. 

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Today's Pinspiration
The more I thought about this one, the more I like it. Our fears can displace so many of our hopes and dreams. I pray we can clear that kind of clutter especially from our minds and pursue our true purposes. 

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