Saturday, October 18, 2014


We had family in town a few weeks ago and got to enjoy a day at the Texas State Fair together. It was so lovely!
Big Tex! You always have to see Big Tex when you're at the Texas State Fair. You can also see our trips to the Texas State Fair in 2011 and 2013. 

Dad and I giving our legs a rest. 

We watched a really cute wild west dog/animal show. They had a bird show here for years and it retired last year - this was still entertaining! 

I couldn't resist getting Ranger a treat at the fair:)

He loved his peanut butter heart. 

I made minty triple chocolate cupcakes for a work fundraiser too - so tasty! I used the triple chocolate cupcake recipe and added peppermint essential oil to the cupcake and buttercream frosting. 

Our team is so talented at making cupcakes - it wasn't until I came to this team that I even learned howl to make them, and how to make my own buttercream from scratch. I got caramel apple, pumpkin pie, s'mores, sea salt caramel, red velvet, Elvis (banana, peanut bitter & bacon), pumpkin with cream cheese frosting, raspberry & german chocolate. I couldn't eat these (since I don't eat gluten & dairy), but don't they look great?! 

I recreated a meal I loved from my weekend at the Flourish Retreat too. I could eat all of the meals that weekend and it expanded my meal ideas for delicious gluten and dairy free meals. This one is like a Mexican salad. Flavored ground beef, refried beans (I made them myself- yay!!), Mexican rice (made that myself too - I was so proud of this meal), salsa & I added corn we had in our produce batch that week. There is a lot of protein and it's so tasty. 

Sweet potato fries (olive oil, salt, garlic powder & rosemary). We had sweet potatoes in our last co-op farm batch, so I knew I wanted to try these fries. They were delicious! 

I tried making zucchini chips also. 


The non-burned ones still had good flavor, but I maybe got 3 "chips" out of the deal, the rest were burned or just cooked (not crispy) zucchini with flavor. 

We've been enjoying beautiful weather lately and some gorgeous skies. I hope you have a great weekend wherever you are! 

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