Monday, October 14, 2013

Texas State Fair, Chili & Cupcakes

The weekend before last, we went to the Texas State Fair. It was a busy weekend (which is why I didn't get a blog post up!) with the fair and cooking for the festivities at work last week. 

 An updated family photo:)

Nick took these - I think Ranger looks so grown up in the photo to the right. 

The fair was great, except for the weather the day we went. It was cold by our Texas standards this time of year. It was supposed to get up to the low to mid 70's, but I think we're lucky if we hit 65 degrees that day. I was dressed for the warmer temps, but we still saw what we wanted and stayed inside when we could.  
We saw some giant bunnies. 

And I always love the international dancers. 

Big Tex was back with his big reveal this year after last year's accident that burned him completely (poor Tex!). But he was re-made and is back - he's kind of like the Butter Cow, to compare him to the Iowa State Fair. He's a big deal at the fair. 

Me loving my hot coffee to warm my bones (thanks, mom!), and with Big Tex. They had an exhibit on the history of Big Tex and how they remade him - it was really interesting. 

Chili Cook-Off and Cupcakery
I made Trisha Yearwood's Fancy Chili (click link for recipe) that I made for the first time late this spring. I loved it! I tweaked the seasonings and added brown sugar and more chili powder than the recipe calls for - it was a bit too bland to begin with. It didn't win the cook-off, but I really wasn't cooking to win, just to provide food people could buy for the fundraiser. There was tough competition and I won my dad and Nick's vote which was good enough for me! 

The other event of the week was our cupcakery. Prepare yourself - you may need a cupcake after seeing all of these delicious varieties... 

I took to Instagram to help me see which cupcake I should make between these two beloved goodies.

 By popular vote, I made my pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes with snickerdoodle frosting (click link for recipe). I make them gluten and dairy free, and they were a hit! Even by the gluten and dairy eaters:) I recommend this recipe, they're SO good. 

Starting with the closest, we have chocolate covered strawberry, carrot cake, chocolate raspberry, strawberry with cream cheese  my pumpkin with chocolate chips and snickerdoodle frosting is on this first table. 

Here were mine again. They all sold out! I didn't really think about it, but these are vegan too so a girl with a vegan diet bought the rest of mine towards the end:) I'm glad to help accommodate others and their dietary needs! 

Starting with the closest, we have bundt cakes, chocolate pie cupcakes, lemon meringue, red velvet, spice with cream cheese, and chocolate with peanut butter in individual baggies. 

Here's a variety of cake balls, red velvet cupcakes, then strawberry, and apple on this table. 

These were a hit too and looked SO good! 

Here is quadruple chocolate (!), chocolate with funfetti frosting, chocolate with peanut butter and pretzel, and chocolate with chocolate footballs. 

 They looked SO good! I ate one of mine since I couldn't eat the others (gluten and dairy), but it was so much fun and a huge success. 

 My week also entailed cuddles with this sweet (most of the time...;)) boy. 

For fun, I put together Ranger's first 9 weeks in 9 photos - one representing each week. It's crazy how fast he's grown up! Really crazy. 

I hope you all have a great week! More to come about our Midwest travels this past weekend.

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