Sunday, October 23, 2011

Texas State Fair & Tons of Fried Food...

We had a great time at the Texas State Fair yesterday! It was a beautiful 86 degree day and a good time was had by all! 

Let's start with the food... the crazy fried fair food...

Fried bublegum, anyone?? It was this year's most creative award winner. I heard it's a fried bubblegum flavored marshmallow. No thanks...

We all shared fried catfish (mom and dad had their hearts set on this)- it was surprisingly tasty!

How about some fried beer?  This was the big hit last year although I heard people say it wasn't very good...

Fried Grilled Cheese? I do love grilled cheese, but I'm not so sure about frying it..

Fried Texas Caviar...

more food....

If that doesn't do it for ya, how about some chicken livers?!

These dancers were great! They had fun chiming bells too. We watched dancers from different nationalities.

Then they danced balancing these huge swords on their heads!

Here's mom and dad with Big Tex! He's been there since the 60's.

Beauty at the fair

The 'Ye Old Mill Restaurant (but not the ride!)

Dad with Jumbo!

The Lagoon and the Texas Star Ferris wheel

Swan rides on the lagoon

The Cotton Bowl is in the middle of the fair, it's where the Oklahoma/Texas game is every year during the fair!

We got to see the biggest boar at the fair, weighing in over 1,100 pounds, Boris!

Her face is one only a mama could love...


We also got to watch a free bird show and it was a lot of fun. To the right of the stage, you can see Downtown Dallas!

My favorite part was when they had us all look back at the Texas Star and had us watch the gold cart - as it got to the top, it opened up and one of the birds in the show flew down and on to the stage. It was so cool!

It was such a pretty day and the clouds were awesome!

Downtown Dallas looking nice with the pretty backdrop of clouds!

Traffic even on a Saturday afternoon- ha!

A deserted waterpark

It was a great day! And it was fun to compare it to the Iowa State Fair with my parents!

Now let's go Rangers and win this game tonight!!! Last night was not good, but today's a new day!

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