Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday's Random Thoughts

Happy Wednesday Afternoon!

I'm thankful to have an afternoon off and thought I'd share some random things on my mind lately:

  • Swimsuits: I haven't purchased a new swimsuit in a few years (at least...) and have been looking at vintage-y one pieces. I haven't had a one piece in years, but am really hoping to find a cute inexpensive one. Any ideas? I've been liking Popina ones, but they are above my price range ;) Here are some types I've been liking lately:
(source - click link for swimsuit) This one is also too pricey for me. 
(source - click link for swimsuit)

This one is cute and not too expensive! Who knows when I'll get around to buying one, but I've been looking online at least.

  • The Duggars: I just love the Duggars. I usually seem remember to watch their show within a few episodes of the end of the season, which happened this season again. I just am so intrigued how they manage such a large family and watching the courtship of Jill & Derick was fun. I'll be excited to watch about their wedding! A friend let me borrow a book the Duggars wrote earlier on which I'm looking forward to reading (maybe on this lovely afternoon?!). 
  • Marriage: A co-worker introduced me to The Peaceful Wife's youtube channel which I've enjoyed listening to as I work. Some things I admit are hard to hear because they are not mainstream (at all) and some I may not see eye to eye with her perspective on everything, but these are good things to be aware of & think about. I did like this post she wrote about what is disrespectful to men. It has really made me think! I love being a wife and try to be the best I can, but her blog gives good examples of how to encourage our men even more.
  • Oil Pulling: Back in April, I told you about Oil Pulling (in this post). I'm still doing it a few mornings a week and am loving it! I was curious to see if it was actually making a difference and I am convinced it is! Because of moving/insurance changes last year, I didn't make it to my regular 6 month dental checkup - I went a year without seeing the dentist and I was worried. I had been told before that my teeth tend to build plaque easily and need a deeper clean at the dentist every 6 months to keep it off (I guess some people's teeth are more susceptible than others?). I went to the dentist in May, about a month after starting oil pulling and had the best checkup I've had in YEARS! I'm convinced it's the oil pulling, because I had teeth in previous checkups they were "watching" but had nothing but good things to say about my teeth this time. Yay, I'll take it! Some people swear it's healed cavities somehow (I'm not sure I get that one...). I did read you shouldn't do it if you have root canals or mercury fillings, as the oil pulls toxins out of those you don't want to pull out. So read up before trying (a blogger wrote about it in this post & I thought the Q & A and comments were helpful too), but it's been good for me! 

A sunset last weekend. I love sunsets! 

I'm off to enjoy the afternoon - I hope yours is great! 

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