Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lately & Essential Oils

I can't believe it's almost June! May flew by for me. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen we were in Omaha last weekend for Hank's birthday party. It was a great trip! We also were fortunate to make a quick jaunt over to Des Moines to see my Aunt Melissa & some family. It was another love-filled weekend! 

On our way to Omaha last Friday, Ranger buddy had some sort of allergic reaction after a rest stop break. His eyelids and snout swelled up which gave me quite the scare. Looks like we'll be adding baby benedryl to Ranger's overnight bag from now on ;). 
PS - that's his tongue in action licking his nose - not swelling;) thankfully his tongue/throat didn't swell! 

In other excitement around here, I got my essential oils this week and am in love!

If you've been eyeing essential oils and want to try one, let me know and I can order it with my discount for you! I get 24% off the retail prices :) I'd be glad to add anything you want to one of my orders so you can try it at a cheaper price! 

So far, I've been enjoying peace and calming for.. peace and calming ;), peppermint for headaches (and it's a relaxing scent too!), lemon + lavender + peppermint combo on my neck, around my ears and diffused (I got a diffuser with my kit) for allergies, joy as perfume, thieves diffused for immunity, pan away for pain areas (shoulder, neck, temples), lavender on the bottom of my feet for teeth grinding, purification under my armpits (it adds nice fragrance since I use natural/non-scented deodorant). The list goes on - and this is just since TUESDAY! Ha! I'm loving it. I'm sure I'll have more to share as I experience more with them.

I made a new board on Pinterest to store oil ideas too - there are so many DIY products people make and ideas on how to use the oils, making bug spray, sunscreen, use for restless leg syndrome, canker sores, etc. It's wild! 

I've been diffusing different oils every night. It's my favorite post-work activity lately - picking which oil to diffuse. If you use them, which are your favorites? I'd love to hear! 

Beauty on my way home today. 

Today's Pinspiration:
Enjoy your NOW. 

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