Saturday, June 21, 2014

Friday Night Rodeo

We were able to meet my parents, my cousin and her granddaughter for a rodeo in Fort Worth last night. I've been to them before here and always enjoy it. Though I do cringe during the calf roping - the calves are so cute, I just want to hug and kiss them. Luckily, the calves were pretty agile last night and not many got roped ;) fine by me! 

They always start with "Proud to be an American" and a cowboy making laps, getting faster as the song goes on. It gets me every time! There is even a prayer before the action begins. 

There were some good rides, but no one rode 8 seconds. They're on their 4th consecutive weekend without a "qualified" ride (riding for 8 seconds), which sounds like is record setting for them. Either way, I enjoy it! The bulls sure give them all they've got. 

These bulls have moves

After his ride, this stubborn bull didn't want to leave the ring. One of the assisting cowboys lassoed him and was pulling the bull on the end of his lasso - you can see the bull digging in his front feet to avoid being pulled. Stubborn as a bull. 

This is where the cowboy lassoes the calf, hops off the horse and has to tie up the calf's 4 legs with the end of the lasso. It's all timed and man, one guy was super fast! The little calves are sure cute - and fast! 

Here's the kid-calf scramble. They put a piece of duct tape on the back of a calf and the kids run around and try to grab it. It lets the kids run off energy and is pretty darn funny to see the flock of kids trying to catch the calf. 

Team roping. One cowboy ropes the calf's front legs while the other cowboy ropes the back legs. Talk about teamwork! If the first guy misses, the attempt is over. 

There were cowgirls too! They did a few events - one is barrel racing, one of my favorites. They have to direct their horses to circle 3 barrels and race to the finish line - fastest time wins. 

And more bull riding! 

Bull: 1.  Cowboy: 0. 

In front of the coliseum at the stockyards. 

With my cousin Lana and her granddaughter, Jasmine. They've loved their Texas vacation! 

Due to our schedules, I didn't get to see my dad on father's day - so we took our Father's Day photo last night. 

My photos are all blurry from the concert, but our tickets from the rodeo got us into Billy Bob's for free (remember me posting about Billy Bob's here and here back in the day?). Chris Cagle was there and we were lucky to catch a few of his last songs of the night. Icing on the cake to a great Texas Friday night. 

I'm off to enjoy the rest of the weekend. I hope you enjoy yours too!

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