Sunday, April 27, 2014


This week, I visited a new chiropractor. It's part of the plan the naturopath I saw has set up for me. They did x-rays, physical exams, checked my bending ranges, etc. I had a few areas of subluxation (the vertebrae out of alignment). I have lots of stretches to do - similar to ones I've done before. Friday was my first adjustment and it's been 5 years since I've been adjusted, so I knew I might be sore. They also had me do a LOT of exercises and many reps of them (more than I'm used to), so I've been icing my neck and shoulders all weekend. It felt like boot camp which is rough for me, but I'm making it! 

I took a photo of my x-rays:) I think they're so interesting! We're doing adjustments and stretches to keep a good curvature in my neck and to try strengthening my neck & upper back muscles to hold my posture better (and hold my adjustments better too). I still have the forward head thing going on (I talked about it in this post), so we're trying to improve that to help with my constant neck pain & headaches.  

I got to enjoy an accessory trip to Sam Moon (their prices are awesome!) with a friend yesterday. So much eye candy! We also went to lunch at Zoe's Kitchen - so delicious! They accommodated my gluten & dairy free diet well and had awesome homemade hummus. I love some quality friend time too! 

Last night, my dad came over and we watched Razor's Edge. I love quality family time! (Yes, quality time is one of my lova languages ;)).

I've been looking into trying Young Living essential oils to help with my symptoms more naturally (to hopefully get off my prescriptions in the coming months!). Have you tried these? I'm curious to hear what others experiences using them are. 

On the weekend, I love getting my fill of Ranger snuggles. This boy keeps us laughing. The photo on the right is him mid-yawn. Ranger is such a yawner! Ha also yawns when he gets nervous. Pretty funny. 

As part of my dietary changes with the naturopath, I've been eating protein with each of my snacks. Peanut butter and hummus have been my main additions (with PB with celery and hummus with celery/cucumbers/chips). We averted a crisis Friday when I ran out since it was grocery day ;) whew! 

Time to ice my neck & shoulder again. I hope you've been able to enjoy your weekend!

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