Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Lipstick, Kansas Travels & Nick's Birthday

 Hi friends! I hope this mid-week post finds you well. Things have been pretty busy around here but I'm glad to post some new photos from our recent travels. We went to Kansas over the weekend - it was such a pretty drive through north Texas. We also celebrated Nick's birthday.  

First, though, I splurged on some fancy new lipstick with some of the birthday money I've been holding onto. I have never loved a lipstick so much. This company (Red Apple Lipstick) is great - the people are fun to work with, their product is quality and their colors are so fun! I wasn't sure which colors to start with so I watched their youtube videos and had so much fun with it. I bought two colors: Strawberry Lips & Coral Crush. I also got Rallye Balm, Exfoliate Stick (both of which I love!) and samples of Red! 101 (their "perfect red"), Summer Sands, and Push Pop. Enough links for you? Ha! 

I took some photos when trying my lipsticks - blending colors is so fun too. When I was taking photos, Ranger decided he wanted to try the lipstick:) silly boy. 
 Now, onto our travels! We drove for a few hours west in north Texas, north of Amarillo. We had such a pretty drive!

Ranger also got his second ever haircut last week and we can see his eyes now! :) Our groomer (Nick) did a great job! 

I loved seeing these pretty and lovely smelling trees all over. 

We went to one of the yogurt places where you add whatever you want & pay at the end and they had TWO dairy free options! I was pleasantly surprised I could join in on Nick's birthday treat. Nick doesn't make a big deal of birthdays, but I love them, so try to make them as fun and festive as I can:) Thankfully his expectations aren't big though, I didn't do as much this year - but we did get to spend quality time (one of my love languages!) together on our road trip. 
 The midwest is SO beautiful. Some may not see it, but I think it's such simple beauty. 

Ranger sat on my lap for most of our trip, but at one point, leaned his head to rest on Nick. It was the cutest thing! 

 The place we stayed in Kansas didn't take pets, so we boarded Ranger for the first time. He did ok thankfully! He didn't eat as much as normal and I think was fairly stressed, but we were proud of him and he was so glad to see us and get back home. He's still working on getting used to other dogs and new people. We start our intermediate training class at PetSmart for him this week too! 
 I kind of want to set up a tent and live in this photo for a while. Maybe next time ;). 

Those up ahead, are mountains for this Iowa girl ;) So they're really not, but that's the scenery we got to enjoy through Texas & the Oklahoma pan handle. It's almost deserty (I think I made that up? Red line doesn't like it. Tough.) in some of the rural areas, but beautiful! 

Family fun on the road! We've been on the road quite a lot lately. Thankfully, the Lord gives me strength to enjoy our trips & recover fairly well to get back to work. Our recent trips have been to see family, which is always good anyway. I take naps and try to stay ahead of any pain/headache/fatigue flares. 

I started oil pulling this week - has anyone else tried it? I really think it's whitening my teeth (which is the least of my concerns -ha!) but am curious to see what else it may help with. I've tried it twice so far - we'll see! It's pretty fascinating.

I also got results from my saliva -adrenal fatigue test back, so will hopefully talk with the naturopath soon to see what they mean and what I might do if needed to adjust them. I've been listening to webinars this week and last about adrenal fatigue and have learned about how many people are really impacted by it. Many traditional doctors don't look at it much, but the naturopath/holistic doctors on these webinars see it as a very widespread issue that needs addressed. 

I was just introduced to Empowered Sustenance by a friend this week and read the blogger's story and really relate with some of her health battles. She ate gluten & dairy free for a while and was on prescriptions for 5 years working with medical doctors before turning a corner and healing with food - a grain free diet - as well as other things. Grain free may be my next step, I've been hearing more about it and am intrigued. 

Today's weather was gorgeous! On the warm side - we've been needing our AC lately, but blue skies, green grass & trees and a bright sun do wonders for the spirit. I love it!

I hope you have a great week & can enjoy some sunshine (one way or another), wherever you are.

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I think this is so true. The world would be even more beautiful if we could spread sunshine to even one more person each day. Why not?
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