Saturday, September 28, 2013

Life Lately & Fibro Update

A lot of our life lately has been taking care of Ranger. Every four hours (Nick even does the overnight shift): potty training, playing, eating, training, and a little cuddling when he lets me :) I thought I'd post just random life things today.

I've been taking videos of Ranger - I think they help show his personality at each phase in life so we can remember how cute and little he is. It's already been crazy to see the difference in some of these short videos!

Looking back at 3 weeks old, so wild to remember how tiny he was!:

6 weeks old:

I posted a few more to my YouTube channel - feel free to check there as I may not post all the videos I take here (I take a lot...), but will post them to YouTube so you can see them if you'd like!

I was trying to take a photo here, but my phone was still on video mode. We love Ranger kisses:) These two are so cute. Nick is so good with Ranger! 

Fibro Update
I haven't posted a fibromyalgia update recently and it's mostly because things have been about the same since I got back to Texas. I still have good days and bad days and in between days. I actually have an appt with a new doctor (to me) next week. I'd like her to evaluate the prescriptions I take and see if she has any ideas or referrals to help with headaches. These nasty headaches are usually what "takes me down" on my bad flare days. Sometimes I think they're migraines because I get light and sound sensitive and my eyes have to be covered to not let any light in and I pretty much just have to sleep. They may be tension headaches though from grinding my teeth, so I'm looking forward to exploring these things again with a doc. I still grind my teeth overnight really badly unfortunately. 

I'm always torn about treatments since I don't want to be on meds forever, but I need to be able to function daily right now and don't want to take chances on making changes that could take me down during transitioning meds. I've talked before about the book Fibrowhyalgia by Sue Ingebretson, which I love. She found wellness with health (the food she eats - nothing processed, no gluten, etc.), fitness (tai chi, yoga), and caring for her emotional well being. I want to be there someday - hopefully sooner than later, so am always learning how I can help myself get better - and some of you send me tips, thank you for thinking of me, you're all so caring. 

Praise the Lord, this week has been one of my better weeks lately! I didn't have to take ibuprofen or excedrin migraine (my go-to with nasty headaches) all week and didn't have too much trouble getting up in the morning, and was able to enjoy my evenings rather than have to lay down right when I get home each night. Nick and I pray through these challenges together and he's so wonderful and supportive. I'm so thankful for his giving, loving spirit to help take care of me when I'm not feeling well, and acknowledge my little accomplishments. Many days he tells me I did a great job getting up that morning, and helps me celebrate making it through the workweek (it isn't easy). Love you, babe:)

Photos from the week:
My handsome boys 

Not many pool days left (for me at least - I'm a wimp and need the water to be 84 degrees and up), but still looks like summer for now. 

Mama Indy has been going through a lot of emotions lately - Nick is so sweet spending time with her.

Sweet boy... Most of the time ;) This was his 7 week birthday.

I'm still loving my sleepytime tea. Every weeknight before bed - it has rosehips in it which can help with chronic pain (I think headaches too?) and I think it helps me the next morning also. I shared this on Instagram this week, but I ran out in the middle of last week, so Nick made a special trip to the store just to get me my tea. My love. 

I love when Ranger sits like this. SO cute. Sometimes he's been putting one paw on top of the other lately. It melts my heart.  

Hiii my Ranger boy!  Oh that sweet face gets me every time.

Another thing I want to mention- my heart has been heavy for a few friends this week. Would you join me in praying for these friends? Two of these friends are pregnant with fairly high risk pregnancies and one friend's family lost a baby born early recently (and very tragically), one is expecting her first baby any day now. The gift of life is so precious and these friends are always on my heart. Through the joy, the pain, the grief, the anxiousness. I'm with you, friends. 

Today's Pinspiration:

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