Saturday, October 19, 2013

Quick Iowa Road Trip {Beautiful Wedding & Fall Colors}

We had a wedding in Iowa to attend last weekend for Nick's cousin. I loved seeing the fall colors as we traveled through the midwest and seeing family is always great. I even got to meet my friend's brand new baby:) A weekend of love for sure! And this was Ranger's first long road trip. 

Since we're not completely done with his puppy shots, we made a restroom for Ranger to use on the road. Job well done for my creative hubby! 
 This guy did such a good job on the trip. 16 hours each way and he really did better than we expected. He even got to meet his dog cousins and Nick's family for the first time. 

If you didn't know yet, let me tell you, Iowa is so beautiful.

The wedding was at a campgrounds, it was such a great day and great time of year to capture fall's beauty. 
Also a great place for photo ops! 

I love this photo of them. 

The wedding was so beautiful.

Leaves and sunshine in the grass gives me warm and fuzzies. 

Love this handsome man of mine. 

 I always enjoy this quiet small town, and when it's covered in fall colors is even cozier. 

 My date and I at the reception site.

These cuties.. so precious. I can see some similarities in their faces too:)

Hank and the beautiful bride. 

We love our Hank-man

 Could Hank be any cuter? My goodness. Those eyes, lips, fingers, just everything. Too cute. 

More beautiful fall colors.

Saying seeya next time to this guy is never easy - they grow so fast and I don't like to miss it. With social media though, we can keep a close eye on this one.

At the pancake breakfast the morning after the wedding, another beautiful site. The air was crisp, but the love of family was cozy.   

And just like that, we were on the road again. 

After a quick stop in Des Moines to meet this precious lady, we were on the road to home.

 Adalyn Grace is so precious and I love seeing my friends become parents. 

I had Ranger on my lap for a while and he fell asleep on me when, behind the seatbelt. So sweet. He's usually too much of a busy boy at home to fall asleep on me these days, so this was precious for sure.

 Sleepy cuddles on the road.

 We've had some cooler temps back here this week, but there's always beauty. I'm soaking it up and enjoying our fall transition. Saturday morning coffee, pajamas, and puppy play has been my day so far. Tonight: Iowa State vs. Baylor. Go ISU!:)

Today's Pinspiration:
Don't let the world change who you were made to be. 
You were made to be you, not to be anyone else. 
Remember who you are Art Print

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