Monday, September 9, 2013

Our Midwest Vacation {Texas to Iowa: Part One}

Before our vacation began, we had to stock up on our cuddle time with Ranger since we couldn't take him with us. 

This sweet pup is growing so fast! This picture was right around 4 weeks old. 

Sometimes he sleeps with his arms/legs straight up in the air:) it's too funny!  

He has chest hair now too;) 

Briiiiight and early Wednesday morning, we hit the road for our 12 hour drive to central Iowa.  

This is a drive we've done many times and there is a lot of beauty to enjoy on the way.  

Oh Iowa, I like you. I get warm and fuzzies when I get to my home state, where so many of my friends and family are.  

Any who says Iowa isn't pretty just hasn't seen enough of it. There's a lot of untouched beauty. I suppose it's all about perspective, but I love the open skies and beautiful landscapes. 

I'm so thankful we got to see and catch up with Joe. He's made such great progress in his recovery so far, praise the Lord. If you missed it, I first talked about his accident in July here, I also made a "Joe" label on the right side bar you can see on the full web version (not on the mobile version) for the updates I've posted about him. He still has healing to do, strength to gain, and is still sore from all of his internal injuries. 

He had a checkup at the Mayo clinic last week and will go back next month. Over the next few weeks, his soreness should go down more.  I ask for your continued prayers for him as his body is still susceptible if he should get any lung complications could more easily lead to pneumonia, and there are still a few things the doctors at Mayo want to watch closely and check again during his next visit. He's so strong and this journey has not been easy, but he has many in the community (and in many other areas too!) praying for him. It was just great to see him and finally give him a hug. 

I didn't even notice until now that these two matched:)

Joe was our purpose of stopping in Des Moines, but I was able to see a few friends quick as we headed out of town. These cuties are always good to see! 

The last time I saw these Maggie and Hudson is when I played Mommy Assistant when they visited us in Minneapolis. Hudson is such a cutie! He also loved Nick:)

We also got to visit Rachel, her kiddos and her new house! It's in such a beautiful setting. 

So much beauty. The house was designed by an artist and has so many things Rachel wanted in her dream house. She thought she may have to build to get what she wanted, then they found this. So perfect for her and her family! 

Her kiddos are loving the outdoors that surround them. Haven picked these flowers and carried them everywhere with her.

Part of her house has this gorgeous ivy covering it. I bet it'll look so neat as the fall colors come in too.

Sweet Haven and her flowers.

Then, we were on the road to Omaha for a friend's wedding and for our nephew Hank's baptism! Those will be in the next post. I hope you all had a great weekend and start to the week! 

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