Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Comparison & Ranger Playing

These two topics are very unrelated, but I wanted to share them both with you. I was really struck by a blogger Kelly's Korner post (one of my favorite blogs) today about comparing ourselves and our lives to others. I thought many of you might feel the same and appreciate her reminder to be thankful for all we have. Here is her post from today. 

I also wanted to post this video from last week of Ranger playing with his Mama Indy (though she seems to be less than interested) just shy of his 4 week birthday (he's now 5 weeks!). It's too much fun capturing each stage of his in video! Just a note that there's music with the video, so be aware of your volume before you play it:) The video is from my youtube channel

Here's Ranger and I on his 5-week birthday yesterday - look how big he's getting! I can't believe it. He is so so cute, but he's also hard work (my parents can speak to this after watching him while we were on vacation!). We're all learning things together. 

I hope you're having a great week! Later this week, I hope to have the rest of our Midwest Vacation in a post for you. So many cute photos of Hank, I'm excited to share them. 

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