Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ranger Growing & Exploring at 3 Weeks Old {& Videos}

 Ranger has been growing so fast and I swear he looks bigger every day. We're savoring the sweet moments with him now, as I know he'll be all grown up before we know it! 

Belly up nap. Oh my melted heart! This may be one of the first time you can see the palomino coloring under his belly. His coloring is so cute. He has 3 white paws and one black one. 

 Precious babe.

 Me and our sweet boy after he opened his eyes two weeks ago, just before he was two weeks old.

 About a week and a half ago, he was becoming more interested in Indy's dog food, so we thought we'd blend some puppy food for him to see if he liked it. 

Nick has spent so much time with him, helping him eat and watching to be sure he's gaining weight like he should be. Since Indy doesn't produce enough milk for him, we've been weighing him to ensure he's getting enough food. We'll probably watch until he's two pounds or so, then we'll know he's good to go. 

As of this morning, he's at 29 ounces! He'll be four weeks this coming Tuesday, and he's gone from 3.5 ounces at birth to 29 ounces today. So wild and really incredible to watch him grow from the moment he was born. Raising a new puppy is hard work! Especially when the mama just can't produce enough milk for him. 

It's also the cutest to see Nick care for this pup. My heart swells so much seeing these moments. Nick is amazing with him and I know he's such a good puppy-daddy that he'll be an even more amazing daddy some day (no - we don't have any news to share for those who may take that the wrong way- ha!). 

We are so proud of our little guy, it's a new kind of love to care for Ranger's little life and raise him. 
Here is our very first family photo of us three :) On his three week birthday this past Tuesday. 

My dad snapped this one of Boo and I a few days ago - Boo has been more in a cuddle mood this week with me. Dad noted that Boo even left his bone on my lap which is a pretty trusting gesture. He's Ranger's daddy you know.

Sweet sleepy boy - I wonder if he'll sleep with his tongue out like his mama Indy - ha!  

Ranger and I had a few photo shoots this week - I had to brighten this one to see his face, so the coloring is weird, but his yawns are too cute! 

Cuddled up in my arm. Such sweet moments.  

Go ahead, Ranger, make yourself comfy in my arms.  
 I think he looks so big here. I shared this one (along with many more of him;)) on my Instagram (EatExploreEnjoy). Even if you don't have Instagram, you can see the photos I post here

Here's some of his growth on the scale. I think top left was around 2 days old, top right is around two weeks (he outgrew the little scale bowl pretty fast!), the bottom is around 3 weeks, and he's outgrowing the tupperware now too.  

 Sleeping on his mama Indy's blanket last night.

We enjoyed our cuddle time after my nap yesterday afternoon. He's the sweetest thing. 

Nick enjoyed a night swim last night - I enjoyed observing from my chair. It was so beautiful out, so I had my dad check the weather - it was 96 degrees out. It felt like 78 degrees to me, it was perfect!  

Here's a video of Ranger exploring at 3 weeks old. He can be hard to get good photos of (though no one can say I'm not trying;)), this little video is just so cute. 

I started putting some videos on YouTube so I can share them here easier on the blog. Check them out, I posted some others I had on my phone from the past few months (and some videos of Ranger's earlier days): click here to check out all of my YouTube videos. 

Here's another  video (just 10 seconds) of him eating blended puppy food this week:

One of my sweet friends (who is expecting her first baby (a girl!) next month) sent me this beautiful necklace from her trip to Africa. I was so honored and excited about this beauty. As I wore it, it was a constant reminder of those in less fortunate situations, and made me think about the people who made this. What a treat I can have this reminder to pray for others around the world. Thank you, sweet friend, for this beautiful gift. 

Today's Pinspiration:
I've been reading What Happens When Women Say Yes to God - part of the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study. What a great book. Lysa TerKeurst has a way with words and really speaks to our hearts. I'm not quite halfway through it, but I'm loving it so far. 
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