Saturday, September 14, 2013

Our Midwest Vacation {Omaha: Part Two}

This post will be a picture overload, but there are so many photos I took of our sweet nephew & Godson, Hank, for his baptism:) 

If you missed part one of our vacation, you can find it here: Midwest Vacation {Texas to Iowa: Part One}

Sweet baby!  Notice he's laying on the blanket I knitted for him:) Warms my heart! 

 He's such a smiley boy! He'll smile for his mama anytime:) She helped get his big smile for many of the photos! 

 We also went to a friend's wedding at this cathedral in Omaha. It was so beautiful (aren't they all?!). 
My handsome date and I 

Bright and early the next morning, we got to be part of Hank's baptism as his Godparents, along with Zach's sister and her husband (her hubby was out of the state that week so he isn't pictured). It was such a sweet morning and Hank was a brave little guy and handled it so well! 

We're so honored to be part of his life and be able to pray for him, with him, and help guide him in life. 

Amber, Nick's little sis is such a great mama and it's been so neat to see her and Zach grow as parents and raise Hank. They just need to move closer so we can see them more often;) ha! 

 Hank wore the outfit Uncle Nick was baptized in :) such a neat idea that his mom kept it nice to it could be used again! 

He also wore his Uncle Josh's baptism bonnet.  Just look at that face! 

The first time grandparents with their very loved little grandson. 

I hadn't seen Hank since the week he was born (blogged about in this post) and it was SO good to hug, kiss, and squeeze this little guy. They grow up TOO fast, especially when we don't get to see them very often. 

 Here's a flashback to the first time I got to hold Hank back in April. My heart grew to a new level when I held him for the first time.

A few funny ones

 After the baptism, we traveled back home (another long drive!). As usual, I took a few photos on the drive. 

After 5 days away, we were looking forward to seeing our sweet Ranger boy.
He grew a lot while we were gone! He's a wild boy now:) 

 Ranger and Mama Indy sleeping sweetly. 

Ranger will be 6 weeks next week which will mean starting his shots! I'm excited to get through his shots so he can be around other dogs and we'll know he's a healthy pup. Our little guy is growing so fast! I took a few videos I posted to my YouTube channel of him playing a few days ago - the first one is pretty funny when he sneak attacks Indy!

Now we have a big game to look forward to. Iowa State vs. Iowa! I hope we have a good outcome:) Go ISU!!! And to cover both of our teams, go Huskers!!

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