Saturday, August 3, 2013

Thankfuls and Indy's Puppy Bump {our week}

I'm so thankful that it's been a good week around here! My step dad Joe has continued to make improvements (see posts here and here to learn what he's been going through) from the accident that happened 3 weeks ago today. He's made such great strides in healing this week! I think this article from KCCI is the only "media update" I know of from this week, from when he moved from the ICU to a regular room at the Mayo Clinic on Monday. That was an encouraging step in the right direction. I'll share more soon, but thank you for your thoughts and prayers for strength and healing, they are being felt! 

It's also been fun keeping up with "Baby Indy"/Indyka as we get closer to her having puppies. I gave her a bath Thursday night and in our usual routine, I held her in a towel and blanket for a while afterwards since she gets cold when she's all wet. She sat on my lap and fell asleep and her belly was against my belly and I could feel every subtle movement in her belly against mine. It was SO cool! 

The puppies have been active and we can see big bumps, little jabs and all kinds of movement inside her belly. Since she's hairless, we can see everything. And I think her skin is thinner/different than ours, so you can see movements in her much easier than a human pregnant belly (from my non-experienced point of view :)). Photos of her are up soon.

I've been drinking Sleepytime Tea (I think Celestial Seasonings brand) at night to help me not toss and turn for an hour or more.  

I think other brands make that kind of tea too, but it's relaxing at night and whatever it has in it helps me get to sleep quicker.  

This week at work, we got shaved ice! I jokingly told my co-worker I got plain ice when I showed her my cup. She took me seriously and was like "Really?!" :) it was Pina Colada and was SO good. Take me to the beach. Or give me something pina colada, either way.  

I always enjoy flipping over a new page in the desk calendar my MIL got me for Christmas. August is a good month! My adoption day is next week along with Nick and I's anniversary! I've always liked August (maybe except for the years it meant going back to school after a good summer...).  

Here's this sweet girl. I've been explaining to her that I'm taking her maternity photos. There have been many. We've never had a girl dog and watching her belly grow and seeing the movements has been so much fun. 

A good glimpse into their personalities - Boo is the crazy man always on the move, where Indy is the calm girl often standing still :) 

 Her belly is definitely looking pregnant! She could be due anytime. A due date calculator showed August 5th as her due date - we'll see! 

Me and her big belly! 

She loves being on grass. We don't have much out back (the pool takes up most of the yard!), so she likes to explore the grass when she gets the chance. 

These two photos are about a week and a half apart - the right is the most recent:
These two photos are about a handful of days apart - the right is most recent

I got a good video of her belly movements last night on Instagram, click here to see it on Instagram (I can't figure out how to share it from Instagram here).

My sunglasses ear came undone again this week, so I rocked this look Thursday and Friday. I've had these sunglasses for YEARS - I think 2005 or so? After I open and close them for a number of months, the tiny screw works its way out so it just falls off. Thankfully it's fixable, but it may be time soon for some new sunglasses. 

I found this song/video on a blog I was reading this week and have played this song many times since then. I just love it. Below is the youtube link if the video doesn't pull up. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet! 

 After work last night - I relaxed and we watched a few episodes we had saved of Naked and Afraid. That show has us wrapped around its fingers right now. 

Nick did some evening swimming. 

We got Boo to do some swimming last night too, but I can't get the video from my phone to upload for some reason.  

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