Saturday, August 10, 2013


Anniversary #4
Nick and I are heading to enjoy our anniversary weekend shortly (Nick is surprising me with where we're headed, I'm excited!), but I wanted to do a quick photo dump puppy photos! Nick and I are celebrating 4 years of marriage which is pretty crazy! It's been quite the journey in these 4 years - moving everywhere, learning about fibromyalgia, and having many new work situations with each of our moves. I'm so blessed and thankful to have Nick by my side. As I've written many times here, he helps me so much on a daily basis, encourages me, and carries my burdens as his. Marriage is one of my very favorite things:) Love you, sweetest babe!

I got to talk with my step dad Joe on Monday and it was great to hear his voice sounding better and talk with him a bit longer than the quick conversations we've had while he was in the hospital. He still has a lot of healing and recovering to do, but he's out of the hospital (YAY!) and has family to help him transition. He's been walking with a walker to regain strength, and has been having a harder time managing pain since he gets nauseous with the go-to pain meds. Nights have been tough for that reason. We've been praying his nights and pain will get better, for continued healing, for strength, and for mental endurance on the long road to recovery. He will be laying low for at least a month to recover. Thank you all for your prayers for him and checking in to see how he's doing. It's great to celebrate the improvements he's been making! 

Puppy News!
He was born early Tuesday morning (about 6am). After hours went by with no more pups, mom and pup were taken to the vet to see if there were more pups on the way - nope! Just this little cutie, a litter of one. 

Her breed typically has smaller litters anyway, but very early on - like the week after she was in heat, she had a pretty messy miscarriage, poor thing:(. There may have been more than one in that episode, so I think the rest of the litter just didn't make it. She's had many litters with previous owners, so I think her body wasn't capable of a larger litter at this point. I think this pup is lucky he made it through that and her body kept him and grew him. I also think it's funny to look back at the videos I posted of her tummy movement (mostly through Instagram @eatexploreenjoy) and now know it's just this one pup that was moving around so much!

Here he is:

 Right after he was born! Yes, it was messy - sorry.

He's a fast mover so getting a still shot of him pretty much only happens when he's sleeping! 

One of my very favorite pictures of the mom and pup - taken by Nick!  

My turn to feed 

 Mama Indy is always closeby, inspecting him and cleaning him. She's a great mama.  

The bottle feeding master at work

He's two days old here 

We're weighing him to be sure he's getting enough milk/gaining weight.  He's at 5.5 ounces now - so tiny! Yet a normal size for the breed. 

Tongue out- Mama Indy 

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