Saturday, July 27, 2013

Things Are Looking Up

I posted earlier this week about Joe's accident and how he was doing at that point (see that post here). Later that day (Monday), a decision was made that he would need surgery for his fractured ribs. The place that did this kind of surgery was a few hours away at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN (just an hour or hour and a half from our former home in the Twin Cities!). This was good news that he could get help along his healing process after he had a few setbacks last weekend (pneumonia, internal bleeding, and infection). 

He was still in a lot of pain so I was very hopeful this surgery could be a very good turning point for him. I believe they took him there via ambulance from the hospital he was at in Des Moines and he checked in and was set for surgery the following day (Wednesday). 

My step sister Tisha has been amazing with having to be the great communicator to keep all of us up to speed with how he's doing, so I looked forward to her updates to see how surgery went, and was very close to Joe in prayer all week. I also was praying through Phil 4:6 (below) to lift up my anxiousness and I really felt amazing peace while he was in surgery. About halfway through the projected 3-4 hour surgery, they let Tisha (who is there with Joe along with a few of Joe's brothers) know it would take a bit longer than expected. I took comfort in the fact that they were doing a very thorough job to help heal his injuries, and they were also being sure everything in that area was looking ok as well.

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Praise the Lord, surgery went well, took about 5 and 1/2 hours I believe and they ended up putting in 10 plates (very small ones) to connect each fractured rib to the next to give his ribs better structure to help them heal the right way. His were pretty darn fractured, especially on his left side. Yesterday (the day after surgery), he was coming out of the sedation a bit more and could talk and be a little more responsive, but was still in pain (after that surgery alone, I'd think a person would be in a lot of pain!) and vitals seemed to be looking better. 

Joe and my beautiful step-niece Kristen (Tisha's daughter) when they visited us in Texas over Spring Break in March, 2011 

I find comfort knowing he has family close with him, he's in the best of the best medical care at the Mayo Clinic, and hopefully will really lay low resting, not pushing himself too much in this slow yet steady recovery.

KCCI wrote a story Wednesday night that was really touching about his impact on the Hispanic community in Des Moines and told his story too, along with some interviews KCCI did with Joe years back which was neat to see too (click here for the KCCI video). 

Video clip of the KCCI story post-surgery
One very positive thing to come out of this accident is the pouring in of love and support for Joe, even hearing stories of young men encouraged by watching Joe to becoming an officer themselves. Like I said similarly in my last post, it's truly one of those "It's a Wonderful Life" type moments to see the impact you have on those around you. He's a great blessing to many people and now he really can see/feel that tangibly. 

The Des Moines Police also set up a fund to help the family with expenses traveling to be with Joe in Rochester (click here for details). 

Joe still has a long road to recovery, but things have hopefully turned a corner and are on a path to healing. Please continue to keep him in your prayers for the phenomena to go away, for his ribs to heal well, and for doctors to find a good balance for his pain levels. Also that he can get good rest for his ribs and lungs. And for the family as they are emotionally and physically exhausted. 

Here's a song I literally had on repeat all day many days this week (Healer by Kari Jobe - try clicking here to see the video if it doesn't show up):

Thank you all for your love, support and prayers!

In other random updates, we're getting closer to what we believe to be Baby Indy's due date. I posted a few months ago about how she was in heat and it was a tough week for the rest of us, well we've come to realize she has puppies in there now. She's had some unsuccessful pregnancies in the past (with her previous owner), so we're thinking positive thoughts for her and doing what we can to help her and prepare for her delivery.

Left: 4 or so weeks ago, Right: 1 week ago

She likes to cuddle and get warmed up after her baths - I like the cuddle time with her too :)

Sleepy girl

Here's Indy's "delivery room" my mom and dad put together. She seems to like it! 

Full belly girl trying to be comfortable. I took a video on Instagram (you can find it here) of the movements you can see going on in her belly. I feel them quite often now when I'm sitting with her.

I'm always on the lookout for cute photos of our nephew, Hank. He seriously melts my heart. Such a sweet little guy and growing so fast! I also love his onesie;)

I've been enjoying my frozen smoothies on these warm summer mornings. It's the best! Nick has been making them for me most mornings:) and he adds: frozen banana, frozen peaches, frozen mangoes, oats, almond milk, cinnamon, carrots, celery, and sometimes peanut butter. Delish. 

Nick enjoyed some quality pool time one evening this week. I was the spectator and was impressed!

Today's Pinspiration: love on the ones you love
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