Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fourth of July Fun

 Welcome, July! Here's my desk calendar's start to July. Sometimes this calendar can be a bit corny (it gives me and my coworkers a good laugh at times!), but I like many of the encouraging things it has. 

Mom put this hair clip in Indika's (aka "Baby" / "Baby Indy") hair and we all died laughing. She's such a good sport. 

Last weekend, I went to Pier 1 for a necklace I'd been eyeing for a month (found here online). I went there and found the beauty. I still really liked it, but the problem was that I saw this one (found online here) and liked it better! I love the bright color and style of it, so this pretty one won my heart in the end. 

The blue/turquoise gems (though they call them green online..) are shimmery too :) love it! 

 These two pups love being together. Boo is pretty protective over Baby Indy (too much sometimes) and last night, Baby Indy barked (which is very rare for her and made Nick and I laugh out loud for a while) until we brought Boo to go to sleep with her. Too darn funny. 

Boo and I had some cuddle time after work one night earlier this week. 

Nick cut up a fresh pineapple for us a few days ago - my favorite! So sweet and perfect for hot summer days. 

I tried these chips this week and was impressed! They are more expensive, but aren't greasy and have great flavor. 

My dad brought home this grill Wednesday (right in time for the 4th!) for Nick to put together. If you haven't put one together, you'd be surprised how many parts there are. This was quite the upgrade! In Texas, my parents pretty much grill out year round, so the grill gets a lot of use. 

For the 4th of July, we found an open park/grassy area to park - a lot more people came and filled up the area closer to the firework time. 

It was lovely quality time together. 

Mom and dad with the pups enjoying the beautiful evening. We had perfect weather!

I got to hold Baby Indy during the fireworks and she did a great job! Boo on the other hand... Mom was holding him and he freaked out when the fireworks started. It was fairly hilarious, he was flipping all around in his harness/leash, so mom took him into the car. He hid, ducked down in the backseat for most of it. Poor guy. He puts on a big front, but is quite the scaredy cat:)

Indy woke up with her classic tongue-out-of-the-mouth look. She doesn't have many front teeth (she had a rough earlier life before my mom got her) so I think her tongue easily falls out when she sleeps. It cracks us up! She is such a sweet cuddly dog. 

I had yesterday off work and we spent the day at the beach as I call it ;) We have to enjoy having a private pool in our backyard while Nick and I are here at mom and dad's during our transition. 

Sparkly beautiful water (note my new blog header!).

This blog I read had a giveaway this week for this swimsuit and I loooove it. So cute and classy, but too expensive for me:) If anyone knows of a cheaper similar suit, please let me know! 

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