Saturday, July 13, 2013

BLTs, Puppy Cuddles, Etc.

 My mom's house in many ways is a pool centered house. You can see it from the front door, from the kitchen, living room, and her bedroom. This is the view from the couch. So lovely. 

 Tongue-out baby Indy, as usual:)

We Made BLTs this week. I don't know the last time I had one (it's been years!) and it was SO delicious. Every summer needs a BLT. Or multiple BLTs. 
 I added mayo to each piece of toasted bread, a thick slice of tomato, big pieces of iceburg lettuce, and some thick Texas bacon. Then I squished it to eat it ;)

My mouth is watering now, wanting another one of these. I shared this photo on Instagram and tagged Udi's Gluten Free Bread and got a like and comment the next day! I think things like that are pretty fun. 

Similar story: I follow Lisa Leonard on Instagram and one time I commented on her photo (that showed a beautiful spring day with sandals and I commented that it was snowing currently in Minneapolis (ha! This winter was so rough), and she liked my photo I posted of it and started following me. I was so excited! Yes, I took a screen shot of it when it happened;)

Then not even an hour later, one of my BFFs texted me, "How did you get Lisa Leonard to follow you?!" Ha, for someone else to notice was even more fun! Lisa has liked a few of my photos since then which is always neat:) She has well over 11,000 followers so I always think it's neat to connect with someone like that! A bit nerdy, I know. I love her jewelry too. 

 As you can probably guess, I got more cuddle time with the "puppies" as I call them, though neither of them are really puppies anymore.. This is Boo being sweet (and wanting his belly rubbed). 

Boo cuddles again and Indy beside him. 

 Cuddles with both puppies. Do you like my blanket-scarf? Ha, even in this Texas heat, I get chilly moments inside and was wearing a few blankets at this time... 

Me and Boo buddy. I also call him Boo-manchu or Boo-friend to name a few. :) 

One of my co-workers brought garden fresh tomatoes. They are one of my favorite foods.. in moderation since they give me canker sores. Love them with a little salt!  

On Thursday, we had a wild storm run through. Hail, crazy winds and all. It was short lived and very isolated to a short area, but it was weird seeing the storm clouds come through. I bet it's rained/stormed 3 times since I got here at the end of May. Locals were so thankful for rain since it's been SO dry! 

The storm had a light blinking on my way home, causing me to go about a mile in a half hour, then further on my commute home, traffic went from three lanes to two because of construction. Ugh. An hour and twenty minutes after leaving work, I arrived home. And went straight to bed for a nap.  

Another storm cloud overhead.  

My cousin sent me this headache idea (she gets terrible ones too). Anything is worth a try! Anyone else have helpful home remedies for headaches? 

Amber, my SIL, texted me this photo of Hank-man yesterday that melted my heart. Nick and I gave Hank that monkey for Christmas (far before he was born in April, but he was top of mind for all of us last Christmas!). She said he was fussy yesterday so she decided to try giving him a stuffed animal for the first time and game him our monkey. You can see his tear-glossy eyes and little arms gripping that monkey. Oh my melted heart! Can't wait to hold that cute boy next time we see them. It was also Amber's birthday yesterday:)

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