Sunday, June 30, 2013

Random Weekend Updates

I didn't do much posting around the move, here was my preparation for my suitcase. I came down before Nick and only had my suitcase contents for two weeks, so I carefully packed what I'd need.

I helped pack our things before I left (at the end of May) then Nick did the rest (there was still a lot!) for a couple of weeks after I came down here.

The temps have been heating up around here, but I'm not complaining after our frigid Minnesota winter;) This is one thing we've been looking forward to. Perfect for days at the pool! Today may be another one of those pool day afternoons for me. 

This week, I bought Silk's French Vanilla {almond milk} coffee creamer and it's SO good! I'm so glad I tried it, it was $2.19 and is well worth it if you ask me. I haven't had cream in my coffee since I stopped eating dairy well over a year ago. This was such a treat!

I've enjoyed it in my coffee this weekend too. I love slow Saturday mornings watching the Food Network while I ease into the weekend. So lovely.

I've started up my daily smoothies again since I've got my Ninja here (Nick brought it when he came down). Since I add many frozen fruits and ice, it's kind of a frozen smoothie and being here, my double wall tumbler fogs up within a few minutes of being outside. I usually drink them on my way to work and it's a great cool treat on these warm summer mornings.

This was a few weeks ago, just before one of my naps with Baby Indy. As I started writing this post Thursday night, she laid under my arm shivering in a blanket just after her bath. Sweet baby. She loves her cuddles.

Prepare for dog photos. I call these two the puppies and love their snuggles.

Baby Indy wasn't feeling well a few days ago for some reason (not eating, not moving around much), but was much better yesterday. We snuggled a lot Friday night so I could give her some love to feel better.

 She napped while we ate dinner Friday night and she woke up with her classic tongue out of her mouth look- ha! 

 Boo got in on the snuggling last night too and was being sweet, though he seemed skeptical of me taking his photo;)

I haven't been able to hold sweet {nephew} Hank-man since he was born (posted here), but his mama has posted some of these pouty faces of his lately and as she says... he'll get anything he wants in life with that face. So sad yet so darn adorable! 

We love our Hank-man and can't wait to see him again soon. They grow up WAY too fast, anyone know how to slow this process? :) 

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