Sunday, June 23, 2013

Texas Summertime

 Here's a quick update in photos. Long story short, we've been enjoying the pool a lot since arriving in Texas, and are loving the summertime here. The sunshine make such a difference on everyone and their spirits here, and it's a pretty tangible difference to the cool, cloudy weather we left in the Minneapolis area a few weeks ago. We're loving it here. Nick has even hopped into the pool after work a few nights this past week, taking full advantage of our new locale ;).

Baby Indy was brave enough to join me on my pool raft last weekend. 
 A collage of beauty from the backyard. 

 Father's Day with our dads! A rarity that we even got to see one of our dads on Father's Day, let alone having Nick's dad in town that week as well, it was great to have quality time with them both! 

 We're so thankful for the love of our dads (and moms!). And for their help with our move this month.

Dad and the dogs - he's the treat man, so they don't let him very far out of their sight around meal/snack times.  

 Nick snapped this one of Baby Indy during one of her naps. It's fairly common for her to have her tongue out as she sleeps:)

The moon kissed sky the night before it was a "supermoon".

 Boo Boo came in for his close up.

I'm starting to get a little tan through my 50 spf ;) slowly but surely. I just don't want to burn! So far so good. The pool has been my retreat on the weekends. So much relaxation. I even did some (made-up) water aerobics today for awhile.  Nick did some diving, my dad did some snorkeling. Saying we all enjoy the pool is an understatement:) My mom hosted my aunt and cousin here this past week, so she got her pool time in and enjoyed Corpus Christi and San Antonio with them for a few days too. 

Nick's swimming action shot. 

And a "jumping into the pool" action shot. He looks so comfortable mid-jump, ha! 

I took a video of the pool today using Instagram's new video tool - you can see it on my Instagram feed here: I can't figure out how to upload it here for the moment, but that'll do! The pool temp was 84 degrees today and outdoor temp I think was in the mid 90's. Perfect pool day if you ask me. 

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{So simple, yet can be so hard to make time for. It's so worth it though to have a happy heart at the end of the day.}
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