Sunday, January 20, 2013

Most Popular Posts of 2012

I'm reflecting on the top posts you all enjoyed of 2012. It's interesting to see which posts most of you like to read about. You can also take a look back at the post I put together for the top posts of 2011 - it's interesting to see a recap of each year - especially since each year for us has involved new states to live in, new jobs, challenges, etc. Thanks to all of you for making this blog fun and supporting it/us along the way! Click the big link to see the posts. 

The most read post of 2012: Our vacation to Texas in August. Oh, that pool. You must've liked it too. I long for summer as I write this post on a single digit degree winter day (where tomorrow won't get above zero degrees). My parents have such an oasis in that backyard!

I wrote about Fibro updates in October, shared fall photos and some of our fall football excitement:)

This post was right after I attended my first (and only at this point) Fibromyalgia Support Group. I reflected about my time there with Nick by my side and shared pictures of the beauty nearby.

Writing about the beginning of my dairy free adventure and about why I excluded dairy from my diet, and ways I was coping with the new diet. 
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This post was one I received a lot of love and support after writing. It was an honest reflection of Fibromyalgia's impact on me and how heavy the burden can be. This was a post that helped me share more accurately what I had been dealing with. The love and support of all of you truly helps me in this battle. 
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The girls came to town and I met up with them for a trip to the MOA, to dinner, and a girls night sleepover. Oh how I love my friends:)

This post was all about my winning an all expense paid trip to VEISHEA with a guest (Nick!) for the weekend, thanks to the ISU Alumni Association Young Alumni Council. It was such a great blast from our past and we got all of the VIP accesses. It was a much needed gift at a time that was so greatly appreciated! We also got to meet up with Rachel, Jared and their two little ones - I got to finally meet sweet little Haven too. What a weekend. 

This post was an update as I worked with Fibromyalgia Specialists and shared things I had been doing to help my symptoms (stretches, headache tips, excluding gluten from my diet, etc. )

This post shared about the bitter cold Minnesota winter (and my layers to cope with it!), and my excitement about the book FibroWHYalgia, by Sue Ingebretson (who wished me a Happy Birthday on Facebook yesterday by the way! What an amazing lady, I so appreciate her attentiveness to those of us walking the path the has walked). Such a great book for anyone dealing with similar chronic pain issues. 

We have a tie for #10! Here are the two posts tied for #10:
This post is the truth. It shared about my birthday last year and how good Nick is to me. Our love grows more each day - I can't even put into words how much he helps me cope with the daily battles of fibro and shares in all the laughter and joys of this life too. 

As we finally got our apartment settled and decorated last May, I was excited to share some of our additions to make our home feel like home. I get a lot of joy out of decorating and using my creative side! I also shared about my new jewelry organization tool made by my friends! It holds my earrings and I got two decorative pieces to store my necklaces too. I absolutely love it. 

I enjoy looking back to see what last year had in store for us, and think 2013 will be an even better year. Thanks for coming along this journey with us, I look forward to seeing what is yet to come! 

Today's Pinspiration for 2013:

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