Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Birthday, Etc.

My birthday (January 19th) was just the way I wanted it: simple and on a flexible schedule. Nick was gracious enough to pick up our groceries (one of my least favorite weekly errands) on his way home from work that Friday night so we wouldn't have to worry about that on my b-day, which was on Saturday. I wanted to sleep in to give my body the rest it needs after a work week, and had a few things in mind for the day, but I had to be sure to pace myself or I'd pay for it for a few days with a fibroflare. We paced it and the day was great! 

Our first stop was to Target to pick up clearance earrings I eyed the week before. I ended up finding a couple of cute pairs! 

The photo doesn't show them off the best...

After that, we headed to Caribou (my favorite) for a coffee date. My co-workers also went in on a Caribou gift card for my b-day (so sweet of them!), so it was perfect. Plus, quality time is my love language, and it's harder to come by these days with our schedules.

Nick let me own the day and went with the flow with whatever I wanted to do :) 

It was wonderous. 

We left Caribou as happy campers, ready to enjoy the rest of the day.

Leaving Caribou, I decided I wanted to stop by a few thrift shops we hadn't visited yet before dinner. I got some great bargains there too! I got a few necklaces and some beads I can make jewelry with. 

Here's one of the necklaces I got! 

After thrifting, I was pretty wiped out, so we went back home so I could grab a quick nap before dinner. 

I didn't get any photos at dinner, but we tried a quaint place called Birchwood Cafe. It was nice (Nick completely loved his meal!), but didn't end up having as many dairy AND gluten free options, mostly one or the other. It was still nice to try someplace new. 

My choice for Netflix for the week? A Roman Holiday. So good. 

I wore one of my new clearance shirts from this post.

I didn't really have birthday cake (I thought that restaurant might have had some options by the looks of the menu, but they didn't that day), so I made brownies a few days later. I needed a birthday dessert! :)

Nick got me one of the things I'd been wanting - a Ninja! I want to make breakfasts that give my body a better start to the day and I need something easy to clean and maintain. We've been having fun with different combinations! 

I also enjoyed feeling the love and birthday wishes from everyone on my birthday - thank you to the many of you that made my day extra special! 

I got to explore Paper Source for the first time Last Friday. It was so fun to see what they had! 

Two weeks ago, I had a rough fibro flare weekend. I had a few prayer warrior friends praying for me that Sunday night and was able to make it for a half day at work Monday. I snapped a proud photo (PTL!) leaving work that day. I made it. We made it:)

We've had our share of small snow storms lately - a few inches at a time. This was one of them one day last week.

It has definitely been cold though. We've had a few days where we didn't get above zero. This is what I look like on those days:

This was the temp I woke up to last Friday: 
Too cold for me:)

Today's Inspiration from Instagram (not sure who made it!):

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Denise said...

Glad you had a great birthday! I have a Ninja, too, but I haven't actually used it. You'll have to share some things you like to do with it. I enjoy your blogs! Miss you!

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