Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas 2012 Overview

I've done two Christmassy posts (Capturing December Part 1 and Part 2), but still have many photos to share from our Christmas travels that didn't fit within that Instagram "photo challenge". I take a lot of photos and love to get them out here to enjoy for future reference.

On the road (with coffee in tow) heading from Minneapolis to Des Moines the Saturday before Christmas.

I already wrote a bit about it, but I-35 between Ames and Des Moines was a mess from the snow storm a few days earlier. Nothin' like a good ol' traffic backup for Christmas travels. We had my dad's side extended family Christmas that night and were on the road bright (dark) and early the next morning to head to Texas).

6:30am, on the road. Saying goodbye to 9 degrees in Iowa, heading south where the temps would be warmer! 

With coffee in tow. 

A pretty sunrise to apologize for the traffic and road conditions the day before. Apology accepted.

My on the road lunch many days: salad bar at Hy-Vee. So much easier to eat dairy and gluten free when I can see what's going into the salad. It was delicious every time!

We watched the sun set somewhere in Oklahoma.

Our destination: Dallas. After a 5 hour drive Saturday (thanks to an extra hour and a half of backed up traffic in the Des Moines area) and 12 hour drive Sunday, we made it! 

It was so good to see mom and dad and spend some time in the DFW area! Christmas Eve, we drive around looking at Christmas lights. This is a family tradition - we love looking at lights (and houses!).

Christmas morning - presents patiently waiting..

Christmas day snow in Texas. It started snowing as we started opening presents. Huge wet snowflakes. It was pretty magical:)

Boo anxious with excitement as dad opened Boo's bag of doggie treat goodies from Aunt Michele and Uncle Jeff.

We got a little less than 1/2 inch of snow Christmas day - the most snow the Dallas/Fort Worth area had in 2012:)

Tried out new paraben free smoky eye makeup (Physicians Formula) from mom - I love it! I've literally used two shades of eye shadow for at least the past year in the paraben free set I had. These 9 shades are so much fun to try out and give me so many options! I believe she got the set (by eye color) at Ulta.

Mom also got me gluten and dairy free treats and paraben free lotion! She even navigated Whole Foods to find things I could have - what a mom:) that isn't easy stuff to shop for - even for me and I'm more used to it! 

We got Boo this shirt for Christmas...

Enjoying coffee with mom and dad

Hey there, dad:) I made him that scarf by the way! 

The day after Christmas, we made the trip to Double Exposure, one of my all time favorite thrift stores, and got some goodies (I wrote about them in this post).

Later that week, we were on the road again heading to Omaha to spend a few days with Nick's family.

Our entertainment for the 10 hour drive (thanks, mom!). During our next Christmas, we added Adele to the mix and love all these songs! 

We enjoyed great views on the road like usual.

It was so good to see everyone (although I didn't get really any family photos while we were there! At least we did a few weeks before Christmas when we were all together) We got some quality time with Kibbles, Sammi (not pictured here) and Cubby too. 

Diane (my MIL) always decorates for each season - I love checking out her sweet decor items.

Hey, husband!

Hey Cubby!

Hey Sammi! This one makes me giggle:)

Hey Kibbles! He loves my kisses.

Sammi napping in a very popular lookout spot for the dogs. 

Cubby, Sammi and Kibbles, all perched on the back of the couch keeping a lookout. 

I also have to add my mistletoe I hung from the light by the front door:
A kiss under the mistletoe is the best.

I got this cute Christmas Carols booklet at an antique shop. It has so much charm. 

Today's Pinspiration: 
What a fun note to add to your mirror:)

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