Sunday, September 16, 2012

Let the Creativity Flow

This weekend, I did something I've been wanting to do for months! I got out all of my supplies and dug deep into making cards. I love making crafty things and we always need cards for birthdays, weddings, etc., so I had fun making cards for all kinds of occasions. 

 I worked on the table

 And made a mess on the floor. This was a two-day project, so thankfully Nick was ok with our living room floor being occupied for the weekend. 

 My finished products! I'm so excited about them. I made each one with love and will be excited to give them out. 

Here's one of our delicious dinners this week (pasta and meat sauce - simple, but so good). On the left: my gluten free pasta (made of a quinoa and corn flour mix), on the right: Nick's normal pasta :) He will eat the gluten free kind too, I just didn't have enough of the gluten free pasta for both of us. It's good though! I really don't notice a difference in the taste at all. 

 We took a wonderful fall walk today, I have so many photos to sort through, but I'm exited to share them! I've been on the fence the past few weeks whether or not to embrace fall (where did summer go?!?), but it's so darn pretty. Plus, we have to enjoy it before all of the leaves drop!

Yesterday, we got to hear ISU win their 3rd game in a row of the season! It's so good to be a Cyclone. The attendance at Saturday's game was 55,783, the fourth highest attendance of all time. Between Cyclone and Husker football (both teams won this weekend!), and the Cubs and Rangers baseball (and I'm sure Nick would add a few other teams he likes), we're always pumped to cheer on our teams.

Today's Creative Pinspiration:



Janice Lyon said...

Cute cards, Marissa! You could start a business!

Marissa said...

Thanks, Janice, I appreciate it!:) I definitely have fun with it and would love to do it more!

jessica said...

super cute! can't wait to get one ;) so nice catching up with you last night!!

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