Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beauty + Family Time

Last weekend was another road trip weekend for us! We went to Omaha for a wedding of a family friend and got to see Amber and Zach along with Nick's parents. It's not too often we all get together, so we knew we wanted to make that trip happen. 

We enjoyed yet another beautiful drive on our way there.

I'm always impressed with how huge these wind turbines are.

We took a stroll through Nick's home town (you know my thing for cute down towns)...

The wedding was during the big Iowa vs. Iowa State game. We got to catch a bit of the game between the wedding ceremony and reception and I (potentially obnoxiously) kept asking Nick for game updates and was SO PUMPED to have another back to back win over Iowa!  You can see my post about last year's triple overtime win here! It's such a strong in-state rivalry and is a fun game to win. So proud of our Cyclones and Coach Rhoads!

Amber was one of the bridesmaids in the wedding. She was beautiful! I don't get to see nearly enough of my sister-in-law these days.

Slightly blurry (my poor phone camera couldn't handle the lighting...)

Cute family photo!

Blurry family photo. 

We also got to spend some quality time with the dogs while were in town. Here, I was hugging Kibbles goodbye for now (doesn't he look sad to see me leave?). Kibbles is so sweet and cuddly. Amber got lucky that I didn't take Kibbles back to the Twin Cities with me ;)

The road trip home. I love how serene open land feels. Just land, air, and life. 

As we approached the Twin Cities, there were a few air balloons, one just about right over I-35! I was impressed. 

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