Friday, September 21, 2012

Embracing Fall

Thanks for your compliments on my card-making post! I've always loved making crafty things and appreciated the encouragement. 

Trying to allow myself to embrace these fall moments, I took these photos on a recent walk. It was so much fun because we've walked these trails many times and I've taken (and made Nick take) mental photos of beautiful moments I couldn't capture. 

This time, I brought both my phone (for the camera) and my "real" camera and took lots of photos. It's such a beautiful area and I loved capturing the photos. Quick tangent: in college, Nick realized how much I enjoy taking photos, so he rented a film camera from ISU and took me to some fun places around town to take photos. My heart was so full having free range to take as many photos as I wanted and he just let me flourish and soak up the moments. I loved it. 

This walk made me feel just that full and my heart was doing cartwheels throughout the walk. A big part of this blog is about the photos I take and I just love taking and editing them. Ohhh my happy heart! Just a note that the Bon Iver pandora station is nicely peaceful for these photos... Now, on to the pictures. 
 Here, the fall-ish walk begins. 
Beauty is everywhere.
Well hey there handsome husband. Thanks for joining me on this wondrous walk. 

These "woods" make me think of the Twilight series.

These woods are where we've seen the Wild Turkeys and a fox on our walks. 

 Under the bridge and we're almost to our "secret garden"...
past the pretty fall tree...

 And we're here. Our secret garden. Take a deep breath and live in this photo for a minute.

 This lake has lots of little turtles in it. They come up to the bridge when people are on it - this day we just saw a few little guys.
And we saw this guy. gross. 

 There are layers upon layers upon layers of different types of plants throughout the area. It is so neat. 

Hello there pretty leaf. Let's take some pictures together. 

 I wanted a photo with the pretty tree behind us but didn't end up getting much of the tree...

Leaving the secret garden and heading back through the woods. 

Action shot. 
What a nice photo walk, I hope you enjoyed it. I've wanted to "capture" that beautiful walk so I'm glad we could share it. 

We're enjoying a quiet and hopefully restful weekend. Catching up on chores, but making time for some baking, football games, and tea drinking. 

Today's {embracing fall} Pinspiration:
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Maggie said...

i love the pictures! you've always been a great photographer and had a good eye...especially scenery! i like the duck picture a lot!:)

i might need to hire you to take a few that i can frame and hang on my bare in??:)

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