Thursday, September 6, 2012

10-Day Vacay {Part 2: the rangers & recap}

 While in Texas with my parents, we caught a Rangers game. The Rangers are a fun team to watch since pretty much every player on the team is great and keeps the excitement going, not knowing who will hit the next home run. 

We don't get as many Rangers games since we're in Twins terriroty up here, but we love to catch their games when they're on. I'd love to see them in the World Series for the third year in a row! 

We got to the game early to enjoy the ballpark atmosphere
 It turned out that it was Japan and US friendship night at the game and they had a nice tribute before the game

It's not a great picture (thanks to nighttime, and my phone's less than stellar zoom feature), but it's the Rangers team live and in person in their dugout!

 It was a hot night, still about 100 degrees at game start at 7:05pm, cooling slightly when the sun went down.

It was nearly a full moon

The Rangers won in a pretty uneventful game, 1 - 0 against the Tampa Bay Rays. We loved the game and atmosphere and enjoyed the company of my parents. It was my first major league baseball game with my parents!

We still love our Cubs too by the way - Nick was supporting them that night, plus we have yet to get him a Rangers shirt:) 

We had a great time!

While in town, Nick and I were both able to have lunch with our former co-workers which was wonderful, and I got to meet up with my former boss at her house to meet her precious baby boy, Cooper. He was born I believe 6 and 1/2 weeks early and is now at about 5 1/2 pounds after gaining nearly 2 pounds since he was born. He's such a sweet little guy. He slept in my arms for a while as we caught up on life and he melted my heart. It was so good to see everyone, I've missed them! 

Early the next morning, we were on the road headed to the next part of our trip: Omaha, Nebraska! It was about a 10-hour trip.
 I think this looks like California or something. It's Oklahoma! 

On our drive, I tried a new (new to me!) larabar flavor. I've seen some of their chocolate bars that have dairy, so I was thrilled to discover this was was dairy free! And gluten free. Check out these tasty ingredients: 
 Perfect. Nick liked it too!  

On our way to Omaha, I took photos of our route (as usual), sang country songs, pop songs, oldies (but goodies of course), listened to Nick's favorite radio shows (I have to admit, I have a few I like now too:)), edited photos from the first half of the trip, and took a nap or two. 
 It was lovely.


All in all, this trip was super relaxing. I woke up without much pain or stiffness which rarely happens, didn't need to cater to any out of control symptoms, was able to think clearly and live in every moment. It was wonderful. Let's do it again next week ;) Coming back, I've been thinking through what was different about vacation so I can try to implement those helpful things here every day. I've come up with a few things and continue to adjust things to find my balance.

Nick did ALL of our driving, which added up to just over 43 hours altogether. That's right, we took a week of vacation and drove more hours than a typical work 40-hour week. It was nice though, we enjoy road trips. It was a needed break to see friends and family and just enjoy and appreciate the lives we live.

Today's Vacation Pinspiration:

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