Thursday, June 7, 2012

Afternoon at the Lake

Last Sunday, we were able to enjoy a walk to the lake and take in the quiet afternoon.

The temperature was in the low 70's and was perfect for a walk

Plus, as you see, I was in good company. 

In some areas, the water in the lake was perfectly still. I loved it and could probably sit there and soak it up for hours.

I also have fun with the greenery on our walks and capturing these moments of beauty. 

There were also lessons going on at the lake! We would hear the instructor have the "class" try different moves and then come back together as a group. I was entertained.  

 Nick and I love to explore new paths and trails and this was quite the adventure not knowing exactly where these trails would lead us.  

 We also were in awe of some of these huge lake side homes with private beaches. What a peaceful backyard... especially with that giant deck! We could do some serious reading out there. 

 The homes in the area were pretty massive, have extravagant landscaping and all look new. We came to this house and were shocked. It looks like it's been there since before this division was even built! This is a lake front home too. I love the quaintness about it and made up a story that the owners wanted to keep the home in the family, so they turned down offers from the division to take it down and build bigger to match the rest of the division. I have no idea what the story really is, but it even has a gravel driveway! All the rest of the driveways are paved. It made me giggle.

Hello sunshine! We're so glad to see you. 

We got back just in time to watch the Cubs. Iced green tea root beer for her and beer for him (notice the glasses are part of the beer set I gave Nick for his birthday!). In other news, we also get to see the Cubs and Twins play each other this weekend! We are SO excited! Pictures to come. 

I found this one on Pinterest, and have to share it. It feels very "me" lately and I like it.

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DavidGerber said...

Who is that hott guy in the orange shirt and aviators? Dang! Ha Ha. Love the blog post. Makes me miss you guys like crazy! Know that we think of you often!

Denise Ellison said...

I have to say that I come to your blogs, go in search of them actually, for the peace and happiness they bring to me. You have such a wonderful eye for beauty and skill with your camera. Thanks for sharing all the lovely things around you!

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