Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Home {decor} Tour

 We finally made some time (I must say, Nick made it happen) to get our place looking more like home. I'm excited to show some of our home improvements, but have to show more happy days flowers first.

Nick surprised me with these amazing flowers along with dinner and sweet words when I came home from work one night the week before last. He's always so encouraging and thoughtful and these flowers hit the spot with what I needed to hear.

I had a fun photo shoot with the flowers too. They are just happy flowers!

 Thank you to the world's greatest husband:)

Back to the decor touches! We've been needing to get things on our walls since December. It's been bugging me constantly to feel like I have unfinished projects seeing bare walls the past few months. Part of it was also deciding what should go where.

We landed on this fun colorful painting which I love! It pulls together the colors well and is fun and inspiring as well. You'll also notice that Owlie continues to hold a prominent place in our living room.

This vase with fun potpourri is in our bathroom and I love the style (and smell!) of it. I may remove that top piece of potpourri, :) it's slightly out of place! 

This is our reading corner. We got the chair for free (!) and added the cute lantern to a hook that was already hanging in our bedroom. We also added a battery operated candle with a remote! Without the remote, we'd have to take the lantern apart and flip the switch every time to turn it on and off, so I'm loving the remote feature. The lantern creates a nice ambiance in the room when we're winding down our evenings.

Here's what landed on our "dining room" wall.  

Close up 

 Here's the new pillow for our couch! This pillow makes my heart melt.

 Close up

 I finally got some flowers to fill this pretty vase and really like what it brings to the room now.

  One of my most exciting projects was getting all of my jewelry hung! It was a complete mess (seen below) and was a disaster to find what I was looking for, let alone untangle it.
My old necklace hanger broke as we were leaving Texas and my jewelry has been in disarray since then.

Disarray no more!

It's like a breath of fresh air to have these organized and so pretty looking! 

 This frame was made by two of my great friends, Maggie and Hannah - check out their blog for similar unique pieces they remake and sell. 

I feel like I'm walking into a jewelry store now when I go into my closet. It's wonderful! I have even more fun picking out accessories now that I can see them all :)

In other news, I made gazpacho on Monday and it did not disappoint. It's so tasty and so so fresh on warm summer days.

Here are my blended veggies plus the tomato juice, hot sauce, etc. being ready to mix with the diced veggies. Yum! If you've never tried it, this summer is the perfect time to try it. Here's my post from last summer with the recipe.

Before I forget, I just have to note that last weekend was SUCH a great weekend for us. I finished my part time job and enjoyed two whole days off work (it had been over a month since I had a day off). We went to Lake Calhoun, checked out thrift shops, went out for breakfast (twice! Once with Nick and once with friends), went jewelry shopping, and explored our neighborhood some more. Talk about a "me" kind of weekend - it was great!

Lastly, here is today's Pinspiration:
You know all those things you've always wanted to do? You should do them.

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