Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wild Turkeys and The Cubs

The title sounds like we went to the zoo, right? Well, not exactly. But we may have had an unexpected animal encounter. More on that in a minute.

First up: the Cubs game! We've been planning this weekend for a while with Nick's family since they are big Chicago Cubs fans. Living away from each other has prevented the 6 of us from being together for the past year and a half! We've been together in part a few times, but it's been far too long since we all got together. 

The Cubs coming to play the Twins turned out to be the perfect occasion to meet up.

The world through my Nick's eyes once we found our seat!

The girls
 HEY there Cubs guys! I watch you on TV all the time and now I get to see you live and in person! YESS!

It was a gorgeous 90+ degree day for a baseball game. Especially in the shade! 

I spy Len and Bob {above the "TA" in Target)! These guys are the greatest. Listening to other commentators these days is so frustrating after being used to them! 

One of my FAVES, Alfonso Soriano! I have his name on my Cubs shirt. That means we're friends.

 Go Sori!!!

Darwin Barney. He's awesome.  

Family photo after the game! It makes me giggle.  

 The Cubs lost by the way. BUT they won the next day! Either way, it was great to see them in person with the fam.

Family photo in the baseball glove!

 The guys.

 The "kids"

For fun, you can also see my post from last year when all of us except for Zach met up at Wrigley for a Cubs game. This is turning out to be an annual family outing! I'm a fan :) We had a blast and enjoyed each other's company even more. 

Now, prepare yourself for a story.

Last Sunday, Charlie, Nick, and I went on a walk. We enjoyed our conversation and at one point, I remembered seeing a weird animal driving to work the previous week. Both before and after work on different days. I asked Nick if he's seen it and he hadn't, so we moved on.  We went on some trails in the area and toward the end, I suggested showing Charlie another area before heading back. We were within 1/4 mile from our place, walking on a paved path in a woodsy area with businesses nearby when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Staring at me. I freaked out, screamed, and threw myself behind Nick (hah! how kind of me) while Charlie and Nick were shouting "what?!" trying to see what I saw. Well, here it is:

Wild Turkey Image
A WILD TURKEY! What?! Why is there a wild turkey near our place, in a suburban/business area? Even looking at that picture gives me flashbacks. I think I'm scared of turkeys and I feel weird eating turkey now. This thing was so ugly and looked vicious, plus it was probably 3 or 4 feet tall. Which isn't much shorter than me. As it scurried away, we saw at least a handful of babies following it. I hope they can survive, it's such a weird area for them to be living. 

You won't catch me on that trail alone! Those things will eat me. So gross. 
*Update, I looked it up and it sounds like they don't eat humans. Whew. 

Despite the animal encounter and losing the game, it ended up being a wonderful weekend. We just don't get to spend as much time with family as we'd like since we live all over the place. We have to enjoy each other when we get a chance!

On an unrelated note, thanks to Amber, I found out I like amaretto sours. If you haven't tried one, you should. They are delicious and smooth. Mmm, I like amaretto.

Amaretto sour. Photo by Michael Paydos,

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