Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dairy Free Pizza and Another Winter Wonderland

We made pizza last weekend for the first time since I started eating dairy free. As you can see in the picture below, he had cheese, and she didn't.

I was excited to find a dairy free pre-made crust we could both enjoy. On top of the crust, we added tomato sauce with some added spices, pepperoni, caramelized onions, green pepper (microwaved 2 minutes to soften them), seasoned diced tomatoes, and finished off with dried basil and garlic powder. I was a trying to squeeze in as many spices/flavor as I could on my half. His half had the same, with italian sausage and cheese added.

All in all, it wasn't bad! I appreciated the fresh vegetables and crunchy crust, but at times did miss the cheese. I am searching for a place we can get shredded cheese that doesn't have casein (a milk product). One "dairy-free" type brand of cheese has casein, and I'm really trying to avoid all dairy right now to get a good picture of my results without it.

I call this the great divide

I have also enjoyed the So-Delicious brand of chocolate ice cream, and per my hubby's idea, added frozen raspberries, and it was awesome! I got a yogurt from that brand made with coconut milk rather than cow's milk, and I added raspberries to it and it also was tasty!

As I've been trying to make dairy free meals, I've tried to make them fun so I'm not hating food :)

Here's one of my lunches last week with a tortilla, turkey, grapes, walnuts, spring mix, and balsamic vinaigrette drizzled overtop. It was great!

Now transitioning from my springy lunch to last week's little snowfall:

And onto this week's snow fall! My winter wonderland.

I love waking up with the excitement of a child to see how much snow ended up falling overnight. 

Then looking out the window to see the entire world ;) covered in white. I just love it. It feels peaceful and so quiet outside on mornings like these.

We had freezing rain before most of the snow fell, so I think that helped it stick on the branches. It's just crazy though how it stays there. While the wind isn't blowing too hard at least. 

And to complete the story, here's the same view a few hours later:

My winter wonderland was short lived! It was warm enough and wet enough that it melted off the trees so fast. I'm glad I got to see it before it did though, it's my favorite winter scene.

 I've been hearing about some warmer temps (in the 40's! I bet my friends in Texas are jealous of that one ;)) in the next week, so we'll see what mother nature ends up bringing our way. Either way, I've got my electric blanket to keep me warm.

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