Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Best Kind of Snow

In my post from yesterday, I mentioned the snow we're expecting three times this week. I snapped some pictures form our 4 inches received last night! Nick and I carpooled the past few days and driving to get him after work last night was a bit blizardy {I think I just made up that word}. It was so windy and the snow flakes got bigger, reducing the visibility. It was really a plain ol' midwestern snow storm we've driven through before. I was giddy as the night went on to see how much snow we'd receive. Not like we'd get a snow day out of the deal, but the days of excitement over snow storms aren't over for me yet.

As I peaked out the window before bed last night, I saw it. My favorite winter site. A winter wonderland! I love when everything outside is coated in snow. Not all snow storms I've witnessed create this effect, but it's so dreamy when it does! The last time I saw a winter wonderland was in Dallas/Fort Worth in this post when Nick and I got to enjoy an official snow day together! Here are the photos I snapped last night - the lighting is weird since it was dark out. I lightened them and they look a bit funny, but at least you can enjoy the winter wonderland with me.

As I woke up this morning, I headed toward the window with the hopes that the winter wonderland effect was still there. 


A lot of the snow on the trees blew off or melted, so the completely frosted in snow look diminished, but it's still a pretty winter day!

 The other thing that makes this the best kind of snow is that the temperature was just right so the roads mostly remained wet rather than snowy/icy - probably thanks in part to the plows out all night too.

I have days I miss the warm culture of Texas, but pretty snow days like today make me enjoy my Minnesotan surroundings! Now I'll be curious the rest of the week to see what this bigger snowstorm on track for this weekend might have in store for us.

Did you notice anything different about the blog today? If you're reading in your Google Reader, you may not have noticed, but I did a little blog redecorating tonight.  I also added Twitter and Pinterest buttons on the right bar so we can connect!

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Denise from Texas said...

Wow! Snow covering the trees instead of ice...what a neat concept. These pictures are lovely. Thank you for sharing as I don't get to see real snow very often. By the way, your Texas buddies enjoyed 80 degree weather this fine February day! Love and miss you!

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