Monday, March 5, 2012

Dairy/Lactose Free "Shreds" + Shakopee SNL Skit

Fibro Update: Since I visited the doctor about 3 weeks ago, I've been slowly reducing the amount I've been taking of Savella, which I started taking for pain last August. I haven't been sure the past months if it is helping or not, and we were beginning to think it has been causing my recent high blood pressure and high pulse. So Thursday was my last day taking it, and this weekend, my pain and headaches intensified, and I've had some slight dizziness at times. Sometimes going on or off these types of medications can cause some pretty hefty symptoms (which I've definitely experienced in the past), so I'm not sure if it's the transition that is so awful, or if this is what it's like without that medication now. Time will tell. Praying to find a balance soon. *Update: I wrote this yesterday, and today I have been feeling a bit better, so hopefully it was just the transition...

Food: We also tried another pizza this weekend - we love making pizzas on the weekends if you can't tell:) and this time, used milk and casein free cheese (rather than no cheese like last time) for my half! 

Being dairy, lactose, casein, gluten, and soy free, I'm not quite sure what's actually in this cheese-like product...

My cheese is on the left. 

On this pizza, we added tomato sauce with our seasonings mixed in, turkey pepperoni, a diced green pepper (microwaved for 2 minutes, stirring at 1 minute), and diced tomatoes.

After baking, with my cheese on the right

The cheese was.... okay.... I didn't mind the taste (Nick didn't care for the smell or taste), but it was a difficult texture for pizza in my opinion. It was really creamy and didn't "brown" like typical cheese, which is my favorite part. 

Here's Nick's brown cheese... mmmm :)

I also felt like a little bit of this cheese goes a long way, so if I use it on a pizza again, I'll use much less than I'd use of regular cheese. I think it'd be good for lasagna and creamier cheese dishes, but not for my liking on pizza. 

Recipes: Just a reminder to check out my recipes page at the top right of the blog as new recipes are posted. I've been lacking on posting new recipes lately, but that's where I add and categorize all new recipes. I always think it's entertaining looking back at old posts too. I've been eyeing the crockpot chili with beer bread post lately. I haven't had bread since going dairy free and it sounds awesome right now. I think I can still make it with almond milk too - I'll have to try it!

Video: The last thing I wanted to share if you need some entertainment is a Saturday Night Live video from this weekend featuring Shakopee, Minnesota! We lived there when we were in transition after moving here a few months ago, and happened to tune in as this skit was starting - so funny to see that more rural suburb get national attention!

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