Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cool Treats on Hot Days

I never posted about this great shaved ice we had a few weeks ago. After hitting an all time record of 70 days of temps over 100 degrees (whew!), we needed a cool treat. We had been talking about snow cones (larger ice pieces) vs. shaved ice (smaller ice pieces) at work and it had me thinking about cool sweet shaved ice for days. Nick, my wonderful husband ;), took me to get some a few Saturdays ago and it was awesome. So good and definitely hit the spot. 

I had to try the cream you can add now that I had heard about and it was such a good addition! Have you tried adding cream to your shaved ice?

 My hurricane with cream

 Nick's Tiger's Blood


Today, my parents were lovely enough to bring up some boxes from their recent move so we can continue packing this place up getting ready to move. We went to lunch at Corner Bakery (similar to Panera) and had dessert at Yogurt Zone. It's where you can add your own yogurt of many available flavors and any toppings too. It's weighed and you pay per ounce.

 Nick's (on the left) has cake batter, vanilla, and cookies and cream yogurt with oreos and heath bar on top. Mine has Bavarian chocolate and coconut yogurt with oreos, almond pieces, yogurt chips, dark chocolate chips, and coconut flakes on top. Oh my gosh, it was so good :) We'll definitely miss that place!

 It was also nice to enjoy the nice weather while we can with mom and dad. This weekend's highs have been in the low 90's still - not fall yet here! Sounds like the Midwest has been having more fall-like cool temps, so we've got to soak up the rest of these summer days while they're here!

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